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Measurement System Analysis (MSA)Training

Data which forms the basis of decision making in organizations must be validated for correctness before it is used for decision making. MSA training is vital for every industry. We risk incorrect inference should our measurement have contributed to variability of the data. Often, and advisably organizations deploy the statistical concept of Measurement System Analysis (MSA) to validate the measurement system used in data collection.

Measurement System Analysis is a method used to validate the correctness of Measurement System used in data collection statistically by studying the variability contributed to the overall system by the measurement system. Competence is a critical need in being able to conduct MSA to be able to setup MSA Experiments and draw correct inference from the same.

Advance Innovation Group provides Measurement System Analysis Training as per the customer’s requirement and specific need. We make the statistical concepts involved simple to enable comprehension and application. Our experience at multiple industries and domains enables the AIG Consultants to understand the challenges involved in the real time environment to help participants prepare for the forthcoming challenges.

We help the participant with hands-on training on statistical tools like Minitab to be able to apply the same in their day to day work environment. Our simulated examples and industry case studies have yielded good practitioners.

Measurement System Analysis 1


Our MSA Training Program is a 6-hour program, which can be done in classes in the multiple of 2 hours i.e. the class duration can be 2,4,6, hours per day and the same shall decide the overall duration of the program. We work 6 days in a week and the participant can choose his/her class day and time based on his / her availability.

Exam and Certification

For the Certification purpose, the participant needs to to appear for, and secure greater than 60% marks in our online MSA Final Exam.

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Frequently asked Questions

Will AIG provide me Minitab Software?
Minitab trial version can be used for the training. The same can be downloaded from the site or we can share the link from where the same can be downloaded from.