Lean Six Sigma Consulting in IT

Lean Six Sigma Consulting in IT

Information Technology has slowly become the backbone of the world economy. IT Processes have mostly been unorganized and brilliance driven. Hence, there is need for lean six sigma consulting in IT . It enables governance frameworks, organized improvement methods, usage of internationally accepted problem solving methodology and tools, usage of Lean principles in IT. Additionally, working at identification & reduction of NVA activities in the work flow, usage of data visualization tools in decision making is the order of the day.

IT Development and Support have their own peculiar challenges. These need to be addressed in a more organized manner and lean six sigma consulting in IT sector is of great advantage.

Implementation of standards or frameworks like CMMI & ITIL make it mandatory for one to use Lean Six Sigma methods and tools. Level 4 & 5 of CMMI mandates Process Performance Baseline (PPB) creation as also Process Performance Models (PPM) are needed. Lean Six Sigma consulting in IT helps in usage of Control Charts, measurement system analysis and other similar concepts  necessary for an organization’s journey for CMMI Certification.

Similarly ITIL framework’s intermediate level has CSI or Continual Service Improvement as an essential aspect of service management. Baselining techniques, measurement system setup, before after state analysis, metrics setup, and mathematical validation of goal state achievement, pretty much cannot be done without usage of Lean Six Sigma Methods.

Several practitioners in IT have advocated usage of Lean Principles of NVA Analysis, Muda view of unnecessary activities etc. Gary Reiner Exec VP of GE always advocated “Lean before you digitize”.

Advance Innovation Group has helped Leaders and Supervisors at Technology Companies use Lean Six Sigma methods in deriving benefits for the organization.

Please feel free to speak to our consultants for any Corporate Partnership, co-branding opportunities, or any assistance you need on lean six sigma consulting in IT. You may also contact us for hiring of lean six sigma certified professionals on demand or on your payroll.

Please refer our blog for more insight on lean six sigma implementation in IT.

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