ISMS Consulting

ISMS Consulting

International Standard of ISO/IEC 27001 explains about a management system that aims at passing information security to clear management control and functioning and mandates specific requirements. Organizations adopting ISMS (ISO 27001) can claim to have complied with all the standards set for quality management.

The Information Security Management system talks about many important factors which should be looked after in the organizations to attain a quality performance of the IT related services. Some of the factors may be – Risk Assessment, governance of Information security, asset management, security policies, human resources security, Communications management, operations management, Access control, Business continuity management and Compliance with standards.

Through ISMS Consulting, AIG helps the organizations with establishing, operating, implementing, monitoring, reviewing, improving and maintaining ISMS which further helps the working body to get self-sustained in implementing quality security controls.

AIG offers 3 types of ISMS consulting services for ISO 27001 model:

Certification Only
Being a leading player in the field of ISMS Consulting (ISO 27001 certification), AIG works exclusively with the organizations so that they can achieve the required standards of IT world. AIG works in pre-decided steps to improve the existing system of the organization.

The ISMS Consulting steps include

  • assessing the existing state of the organizationâl ISMS system,
  • recognizing and reporting the gap found between the information security system and the accepted international standards,
  • making a plan to take further action,
  • working with the IT team to train them,
  • guiding the team about implementation process of ISO 27001,
  • carrying out an internal audit,
  • assisting in ways to bridge the gap and
  • finally, after all, check-ups after finding that the company is set for external audit, give the certification to them.

The same process is carried out for the categories of advisory only an advisory and Implementation Consulting Contracts.

Recertification (with or without Scope Change)

ISO 27001 certification is valid for 3 years extending from the date of implementation. So organizations need to get a recertification for further working and functioning. AIG provides the service of Re-certification with the option of scope change or without changing the scope.AIG helps its prestigious clients to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and completing the goals.


Advance Innovation Group also helps the organizations with further steps of improving upon the existing information security systems, after attaining the desired state of standards of ISO 27001. Through ISMS Consulting, our professionals help the organization to walk through the long journey of ISO 27001, smoothly and assisting on getting an external help to build valuable controlling system for the existing processes. We work closely to put in efforts to develop risk management frameworks, security processes and their implementation, documentation of information security documentation, and in understanding the Voice of Customer. This all further helps in setting up a management mechanism to improve on the existing processes to attain customer satisfaction for new improved IT framework of the organization.

AIG association Types

AIG partners with the organization for ISMS Consulting in two kinds of roles
1.Advisory Only
2.Advisory & Implementation Both

Advisory Only

AIG, under this heading, only advises the organizations about the processes and implementation of the control system. Advance Innovation Group, with its professionals, reviews the existing security controls being implemented in the company, the framework of risk management, documentation over information security and other important factors. Depending upon the analysis, AIG reports the organization about the gap created between the existing system and required standards. Then it advises the committee on how to bridge this gap. After the process of fixing the gap has been carried out by the organizational team, the review exercises are again carried out. This helps in the documentation process of organization and the quality effectiveness of the newly implemented processes on the working of the organization information security systems. AIG then advises the top management of the company about the requirement of carrying out an external audit to know whether the company stands on the standards of ISO 27001 or not, after which the certification is granted.

Advisory & Implementation Both

As seen above in the only advisory role, AIG here provides ISMS consulting services to the organizational team to help implement the required processes to achieve the standards of ISO 27001 and attain a satisfied level of quality management to get the certification. It helps the team to work upon the processes, procedures, and ways of implementation schedules.

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Why implement ISO 27001 - Information Security Management System in your firm?

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 helps build systems & processes to preserve information security.

ISO 27001 has 114 controls targeted at preserving the Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability of information. Through this implementation, you shall be able to proclaim existence of controls to preserve CIA.

Customer Confidence

ISO 27001 enables to customer confidence

Implementing processes to preserve CIA (Information Security) is often a key customer requirement

Business Continuity

ISO 27001 enables business continuity

Business continuity situations are better managed when there are formal documented processes for handling information


ISO 27001 make life easier for internal stakeholders as well.

ISO 27011 ensures internal stakeholders like vendors and employees understand their contribution and role toward secure information in the company