RPA Training

RPA Training and Certification

RPA or Robotics Process Automation is yet another important training program offered by  Advance Innovation Group.

RPA is primarily about automating organizational business processes across the enterprise using software robots. “Bots”, like they are popularly called, are configurable software set up to perform the tasks you assign and control.

Robotics today is being used extensively for automating business processes with an intent to bring in greater speed, accuracy, flexibility & resilience.

Course Description

Our RPA program is a 36 hour program, which can be done in classes in the multiple of 2 hours i.e. the class duration can be 2,4,6,8 hours and the same shall decide the overall duration of the program. We work 6 days in a week and the participant can choose his class time based on his availability.

Ours is a knowledge driven organization, focusing on enhancing and perfecting the knowledge of working professionals to be competent in the industry with most proficient skills.

High level Table of Content

  • Automation Anywhere – 24 Hours
    • Tool Architecture
    • Features of Control Room and Client
    • Development Commands (200+ commands)
    • Best Practices Sharing
  • RPA Strategy – 12 hours
    • Process Feasibility
    • Tool Selection
    • Risk Identification and Mitigation
    • Cost Benefit Analysis

Key Features:

  1. 36 Hours of Instructor led classroom training.
  2. Extensive hands-on experience on Automation Anywhere tool.
  3. Faculty of highly experienced industry professionals who have served at key Leadership roles
  4. Flexible Class timing to suit your need.
  5. Flexible Payment Options
  6. IT Driven & traceable relationship management for transparency and accountability
  7. Rich knowledge assets made available on online platforms.
  8. Decent placement assistance infrastructure.

Exam and Certification

RPA Certification has two mandates:

1: Submission of 1 project duly approved by AIG Faculty.

2: Completion of the online final exam with greater than 60% marks

Upon completion of the above mandates, you shall be awarded certification.


What is the maximum time I can take to complete the program I have enrolled?

You have to mandatorily complete the program in 6 months.

What if I am not interested in doing the project?

If you are not interested in doing the project, the same shall have to be communicated to the AIG team and post completing the online final exam you shall be awarded “RPA Trained Certificate”

You may also only submit POV for the same.

Will I get Placement Support from AIG?

Yes, we have a good support system for placements in AIG. We help people get jobs. All students are provided with access to our unique job blog where in jobs are posted twice a week.

We also have a whatsapp group managed by Alumni where you would get to know about all major openings from the industry directly from alumni working in these firms. Several such facilities are made available to students.

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