Six Sigma Consulting

Six Sigma Consulting

Business processes are fundamental to every company’s performance by which businesses deliver value to their customers. Changes in the global business environment have made business process improvement an imperative for organizations Thus establishing high-performing processes are critical and hence statistically- driven and world-proven methodology of Six Sigma is widely used and implemented in the processes. Although process improvement certification can typically drive value in all parts of the business, it is imperative to focus efforts on areas that provide the maximum value to the business and customers. Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology that seeks to improve the output of a process by identifying and removing the causes of defects and minimizing variability in business processes.

Six Sigma principles preach:

  • Data should be the only basis for all decision-making in any company
  • Achieving stable and predictable processes through continuous improvement
  • Achieving sustained improvements through a commitment from the entire organization, particularly from top-level management
  • Business processes have characteristics that can be defined, measured, analyzed, improved, and controlled.
  • Focus on achieving measurable and quantifiable returns basis of verifiable data and statistical methods, rather than assumptions.

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Why choose AIG for Six Sigma Consulting

Extensive Experience

Extensive experience

AIG has had extensive experience in Lean Six Sigma Consulting. We have helped healthcare firms to BPOs, IT firms, Supply Chain companies etc.

Skilled Resources

Skilled Resources

AIG Consultants have a lot of experience in Lean Sigma with most being MBBs. All are also certified Project Managers.

Project Management Practices

Project Management practices

Our well defined Consulting approach helps keep the Consulting assignments predictable and more success prone.

Time Bound Implementation

Time bound implementation

We follow rigid project management practices and our extensive six sigma experience helps us ensure time-bound delivery of the assignments at hand.


Cost-effective Solution design

Through our extensive experience, we have gathered reusable assets and expertise which helps reduce the cost of Solution design


Technology Competence

We have in-house Technology competence from RPA to Digital Transformation and application dev. This brings the tech focus in our solution design.