In our several years serving as Training & Consulting Firm, we have served several clients from varied domains and industry types.

Our body of work in Lean Six Sigma spans from Lean Six Sigma implementation is one the largest telecom firm’s Supply Chain management where we worked with the company’s middle management with 14 Lean Initiatives and their successful closures.

We have helped a large BPO with their margin optimization using the Lean Six Sigma Methodology. For the same firm we have helped create a demographic attrition model which can help predict the likely employee attrition.

We have worked with one of the largest insurance BPO with their Business Excellence team to work on and improve metrics like call volume, online renewal rate, authorization TAT etc. using the Lean Six Sigma Methodology.

We have worked with larges and small firms helping them implement Lean Principles through our training or consulting workshops. We have helped several organizations from aviation, transport, software development, manufacturing and many more to get ISO 9001 Certified and handheld them in their re-certification journey.

We have also been successful in carving our won niche in ISMS space helping organizations in the pursuit of ISO 27001 implementation etc for clients into e-commerce, software development, knowledge based processes and many more.