Info Sec consulting

Information security consulting

Information security consulting is a service offered by Advance Innovation Group. We specialize in helping organizations assess, design, and implement effective strategies to protect the sensitive information and assets of the organization from unauthorized access, theft, and damage.
We at AIG, focus on information security consulting for the identification of an organization's security risks and vulnerabilities, and we develop a plan along with the organization to develop a plan in accordance with ISO Standards to mitigate those risks. These activities are risk assessment security audits, vulnerability assessments, security policy development, security awareness training, and incident response planning

Our consultants work closely with our client's IT and security teams, as well as other key stakeholders such as legal, management & compliance teams. We implement combined expertise, and industry best practices & follow regulatory rules to assess the organization's security status & then we develop solutions to address identified risks.

To conclude, we can say that information security helps an organization to improve its security status and reduce the risk of data breaches and information security incidents and this in turn helps in overall business operations and assures trust in clients & customers.

Information Security Services offered:

PCI-DSS Consulting


SOC2 Compliance Framework Design



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