Lean Six Sigma Consulting In It Infrastructure

“In god we trust and for everything else there is data”

Lean Six Sigma as a process improvement methodology is relevant for all internal functions which enables organizational processes and IT Infrastructure is no exception to the same. Like all business processes, IT Infrastructure Processes too need data driven methods to be deployed to enable decision making which is accurate, sans gut feel and have a mathematical basis. It is very correctly said that if you cannot measure, you cannot improve, so in order to measure the current process and its performance and to take decisions based on statistical tools it is very imperative that you understand the usage of same.IT Development and Support have their own peculiar challenges and those needs to be addressed in a more organized manner and lean Six Sigma could be a great advantage.

Gone are the days when one could use brilliance to manage IT Infrastructure, there is a definitive need for data driven methods, organized improvement methods, usage of internationally accepted problem solving methodology and tools, usage of Lean principles in IT, working at identification & reduction of NVA activities in the work flow, usage of data visualization tools in decision making is the order of the day.

IT Infrastructure needs a lot of alternative identification methods deployed, symptom prioritization, dashboards in order to measure the current process and its performance to take corrective and/or preventive action based upon the results.

IT Infrastructure as other business functions also needs some processes around to manage the day to day activities in order to provide value to the customer and in order to manage the same, management systems like Six Sigma have to be introduced. IT processes of Incident Management, Problem Management, Messaging Management, Security Management, Procurement Management, Change Management, Release and Deployment Management, Access Management, IT Operations Management, Availability Management all need their share of seriousness and deployment of data driven methods of measurement & improvement.

Advance Innovation Group has helped individuals and corporates at Technology Department use Lean Six Sigma methods in contributing benefits for the organization.

Please feel free to speak to our consultants for any Lean Six Sigma Consulting, Training, Corporate Partnership, co-branding opportunities, or any assistance you need on Consulting on lean six sigma. You may also contact us for hiring of lean six sigma certified professionals on demand or on your payroll. Please read our case study for more insight on lean six sigma implementation in the IT Infrastructure Departments.

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