Lean Six Sigma Consulting in Manufacturing

Lean Six Sigma Consulting in Manufacturing

Any nation’s economy is guided by or driven by health of its manufacturing sector. Same is for India – Manufacturing industry contributes to around 15% of our GDP and employs around 6 million people. There are tremendous challenges facing the manufacturing industry with extremely challenging and ever increasing customer demands, increasing product specification, zero defect tolerance, cost competitiveness from nearby nations etc….and lean six sigma is the most obvious solutions to these companies.

Manufacturing or as a matter of fact all organizations shall have to work at deploying data driven decision making processes. Scientific approach to problem solving is imperative to long term and sustained results, usage of internationally accepted methods of data validation using Measurement System Analysis experiments, usage of Control Charts to gauge process performance, educating the supervisors on Muda reduction approaches, enabling 5S implementation in the enterprise, statistical baselining methods using hypothesis test, basic seven quality control tools for preliminary view of process performance, change management tools of RASIC, ARMI etc. enhance the customer & investor faith in the business processes and the outcome. Usage of internationally accepted method is a critical marketing tool today especially if you work as OEM for some large multinational group. Today’s vendor management process lay a lot of emphasis in usage of such tools and techniques.

Advance Innovation Group has worked with leaders and supervisors in different organizations like Crompton &Greeves Warehouse, Tecumseh, Paragon Apparels, Vedanta, FDDI, Gindre India etc. Please speak to our Sales Consultants for any assistance needed which could vary from conducting hands on workshop on Lean Six Sigma, Consulting assignment on improvement of some critical metrics, Lean Six Sigma DNA Setup etc. We could also assist in hiring of trained certified professional on lean six sigma methods, and other quality certifications.

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