Lean Six Sigma Consulting in Project Management

Lean Six Sigma Consulting in Project Management

It is inconceivable to manage Projects without in-depth knowledge of Lean Six Sigma Methods and Tools. There is extremely high amount of handshake of Lean Six Sigma and Project Management Practices. Neither can survive without the other.

If you look at the entire Project Management lifecycle and beyond Lean Six Sigma application is imperative for successful project governance. Right from the requirement collection phase it is critical that one used tools like Kano & QFD for project Success.

QFD could be used exhaustively for drawing the required traceability between the customer requirement and the various elements of design and execution. It could help as a great success driver for organizational project management ensuring that all is linked to the customer and nothing else.

Tools like FMEA are of great advantage and arguably risk management is best handled using the Failure Mode and Effect Analysis tool. Additionally, if you were required to carry out the planning phase of the project (and in the Initiation phase) project charter created could be greatly benefited by from a typical lean six sigma charter, the elements of acceptance criteria could use lot of mathematical baselining which cannot be done with due expertise on Lean Six Sigma.

7 QC Tools have always been the greatest “war weapons” for the corporate world. The Causal Analysis tool of Cause and Effect is an essential element in the project manager’s arsenal, control charts have always been the most frequently error signaling and early warning signaling tool in the industry. Data based decision making is the only way to succeed in this extremely complex business environment where survival depend lot of time on timely action, understanding the customer a little more, drawing traceability between his needs and your actions etc.

We at Advance Innovation Group are capable to help you understand the amalgamation of the two brilliant methods and the best of the two worlds can give you that edge required. Should you need that assistance please contact us for anything – from hands-on training for your workforce, to consulting on design of framework for success, to help in your hiring needs of Lean Six Sigma Trained Project Managers etc. We can also offer part time professional with ramp up and ramp down ability.

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