Lead Implementer Programs

Lead Auditor Programs

ISO as an international body has been the largest publisher of international standards & best practices documents having published greater than 21000 documents to date.

ISO Standards have for long, have been the internationally accepted measure of organizational process maturity. These Certifications have served several purposes for an organization viz.

  • Used as a marketing tool to provide confidence to the customer in laid down processes
  • Help leadership to gauge organizational maturity
  • Instill faith in existing customers
  • Independent assessment brings in employee confidence
  • It induces confidence in suppliers
  • Brings in predictability in the system
  • Competitive Edge

While in this pursuit, organizations need professionals who can help through their certification journey. There is expertise required to efficiently manage the certification process. ISO Standards have their documentation needs, mandatory records that need to be maintained, laid down processes need to correctly implemented and the PDCA cycle well institutionalized in the organizational system.

Process Design, Process Documentation, Audit Process design, audit sample size calculation, non-conformity writing all require specialized training and that is what the Implementation Program looks to help the attendees with.

Our Implementer Program covers the following:

  • Good understanding of the ISO Standard
  • Good understanding of the Process Approach
  • Process Design Methodology
  • Preventive and Corrective Action Process Design& implementation
  • Practice around the required document creation
  • Best Practices understanding of the
  • Auditing Process Design
  • Auditing Best Practices
  • Non Conformity Writing Skills training

The above are outside the standard’s coverage, detailed understanding of creating documents and procedures to meet the standard’s requirement.

For all three audit type (1st Party, 2nd Party, 3rd Party) organizations need professionals who form a cardinal part of the preparation and maintenance of the management system.

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