Project Management Consulting

Project Management Consulting Services

As an organization, if you are not able to optimize the delivery of your products/services, you certainly need an expert to look after your project management setup. This can relate to the project management processes, execution or the skill of your project team. A call for project management consulting is the answer to your issues.

AIG comes with a proven track record as an expert in this area to build an effective project management setup for your organization. With a team of highly-skilled, experienced, and certified Project professionals, AIG is an answer to your business enhancement, Project management office services, and the improvement of project and portfolio performance.




1. PMO Consulting (Deploy, operate & Enhance)-

 A Project Management Office- PMO is the backbone of the project management system. Disruption or failure to execute the PMO efficiently will always show bad results against your project management processes, forecasting capabilities, resource planning, and management, and all other factors of your project which are the key requirements of delivering your project successfully.

- PMO Deployment: AIG project Management consulting team will evaluate your current project environment, get familiar with your culture and operational practices and will develop a structured roadmap specially designed for your organization. The Project Management Consulting team would work towards identifying and establishing the fully efficient PMO set up for your organization.

The PMO deployment activities include however not limited to-

  • Developing charter for PMO
  • Developing Communication plan
  • Identify and implement resource and performance measures
  • Defining the delivery processes
  • Improving the competency through Training and Mentoring


 - PMO Operations and Enhancement:

 AIG project management consulting team works as your valuable partner to understand your goals and helps them achieve using their expertise in the area of project operations.

  • We understand your goals, structure and culture
  • We evaluate your current setup and collect performance metrics
  • We use our customizable project toolkit with industry proven techniques and project methodologies
  • We establish new measures to be implemented for quality and performance improvement
  • The visible improvement areas include
  • Project management processes
  • Project operations methods
  • PMO efficiency and competency
  • High standard organizational changes


 2. Project review/ Project recovery

Various studies and researches show that 35-50% of an organization's projects are at the risk of failure at any given time. AIG Project management consulting team gives you an edge to convert this threatening numbers to be brought under control.

Our project management consulting team will review your current project status to identify the areas prone to failure. The common steps in the due course of project recovery are-

  • Improvement over communication management
  • Improvement of Stakeholder management
  • Redefining the project—reducing the scope, re-justifying the project financially
  • Adding and/or removing resources
  • Resolving problematic technical issues
  • Replacing the project manager or bringing in a consultant to manage recovery
  • Drafting and implementing effective risk management model and mitigation plans


 3. Project Management methodology implementation

 AIG project management consulting team is your expert and experienced partner when you are looking forward to developing or implementing the project methodologies and project management processes to meet the needs of your organization. Out project management consulting team works as your implantation partner by taking into consideration, the complexity, duration, size and your current operational model.

Whether you are expanding by resource hiring or by contracting your work to external vendor, AIG project management consulting team helps you with the customized project management model implementation.

AIG project management consulting holds the expertise with project management methodologies implantation basis the various available International standards like

  • PMP


 4. Project resource leasing

 Your headhunting for an efficient and skilled project resource ends with the AIG project management consulting team. Basis your requirement, long term or short team our project management consulting team holds the capability and flexibility to match the resource requirement for your projects.Few of the areas we have been supporting our esteemed clients successfully are-

  • Full time Project Managers for end to end project delivery
  • Quality Consultants to take care of Project Quality Management
  • Risk Management Consultants
  • A Project advisor to support your Project Manager for the duration of the project
  • Project documentation support



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