RPA Consulting

RPA is primarily about automating organizational business processes across the enterprise using software robots. “Bots”, like they are popularly called, are configurable software set up to perform the tasks you assign and control.

With the rapid growth of software tools and applications, organizations are finding it challenging not only to maintain the stream of discrete data but to also maintain the unified business objectives in the midst of the multiple systems in place.

Robotic process automation is the new-gen answer to this complex problem statement every organization is facing.

While the claim of RPA being the solution, there comes the most important factor of successful implementation of the RPA which could fall in line with the long-term goals of the organization. A sustainable foundation, identification of opportunity, robust design, bugs free deployment and seamless operation- all work as an integral contributors for a successful robotic process automation system.

How Advance Innovation Group solves your problems-

We at Advance Innovation group strongly believe that robotic process automation is not only limited to the usage of tools and automating your process. We, as industry experts in consulting and solution implementers, understand the deep-rooted relationship between the business platform and the technical platform. We, therefore put our foot forward with this integration all throughout our RPA consulting services. We divide the platforms as

Business Platform-

  1. · Business Case
  2.    Strategy
  3. ·  Governance
  4. ·   Sponsorship

Technical Platform-

  • ·   IT Infrastructure
  • ·   IT Security
  • ·   Software System
  • ·   Change Management

The business platform provides the basis for understanding your business processes, long-term goals, revenue targets, vision, budgeting, and workflow.

On the other hand, our experience in implementing robotic process automation and other RPA consulting services has taught us how IT leadership, IT tools and IT security is important for a successfully delivered RPA system.

With our vast experience, we have also understood that one of the primary root causes of ROA implementation failures is the lack of user adoption to this change.

Advance Innovation group not only helps with the system implementation but also with the implementation of the change so that it is accepted and inculcated in your day-to-day operations.


Our Expertise

We at Advance Innovation Group have consistently delivered as partners to our customers in their pursuit for improvement. RPA has been our primary weapon in pursuit of improved productivity, accuracy, or reduced cost of doing business overall. We have consulted and implemented RPA solutions using UI Grid, Automation Anywhere & Blue Prism. We are also helping organizations build competence on these tools so that the RPA can have a large-scale implementation in the organizations and ROI increases with reduced cost.


Domain expertise

  1. ·   Insurance sector
  2. ·   Information Technology
  3. ·   BPO
  4. ·   Manufacturing
  5. ·   Healthcare
  6. ·    BFSI





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Why do we need RPA?

RPA Is Non-intrusive

RPA is non-intrusive

Unlike other forms of Tech, RPA does not need to get into the system and leave you vulnerable.