Lean Six Sigma Consulting In Hr

Lean Six Sigma in Human Resources department

People often have a question that, Is Lean Six Sigma consulting in HR department relevant , and the answer is hell, yes. All the enabling processes in any organization today can be the differentiator in a big way. HR Processes and their performance is a key contributor to success for all organization. No organization can survive without predictable HR Metric & processes and usage of lean six sigma method is the need of the hour.

Organizational success can be achieved when organizational processes are aligned to the Organizational Objectives, and traceability to every activity within the firm to the Organizational objective is necessary. This brings in unified, result oriented behaviour in the company when all systems are in harmony, absolute harmony. KRA Design, Performance Appraisals, Productivity Measurement need Lean Six Sigma deployment at its very core.

HR Processes or Systems around Talent Acquisition and their metric of Hiring TAT, Offer to Hire Ratio, BGC Effectiveness all need scientific methods of improvement and lean Six Sigma could be a great way out for the same. Similarly HR Systems of Training & Development, Leadership Development etc. need data driven decision making methods being deployed, where processes, metrics are designed in keeping with the Organizational Objectives achievement in their design intent.

Usage of Control Charts to gauge recruitment processes, deployment of the 7 QC tools in improvement and evaluation and causal analysis of sought improvement metric, usage of the hypothesis testing methods to baseline hiring TAT etc. is gaining popularity in the industry.

Advance Innovation Group has helped firms strengthen their HR Processes, to enable organizational key metrics achieve their desired results. And it is been our observation that one cannot improve upon organizational performance without a strong, well-managed, data driven HR Department.

Please feel free to speak to our consultants for any Corporate Partnership, co-branding opportunities, or any assistance you need on Consulting on lean six sigma. You may also contact us for hiring of lean six sigma certified professionals on demand or on your payroll.

Please refer our blog for more insight on lean six sigma implementation in the HR Departments.

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