Lean Consulting

Lean Consulting

Lean consulting has been an important service offering from AIG for over a decade now. As part of Lean Consulting, AIG has been able to work for 100s of companies and bring in efficiencies and benefits to them through lean tools and methods.

Our Lean Consulting offerings include VSM study for processes, Muda, Mura & Muri assessment and subsequent improvement, and the very popular 5S consulting.
Lean as an improvement method that focuses on the reduction of Non-value adds and waste in a business process. Lean practitioners are of the view that if a process hasn't been reviewed for Non-value adds typically the process would constitute about 95% of non-value-adding activities. To be able to survive and be able to improve on profits, organizations, will have to look keenly at their business process and work at the reduction and elimination of non-value-adding activities, waste & unreasonableness in the processes, and variation. 
If the organizations do not look at non-value adds and waste, unreasonableness in their business process, etc you may soon run out of business itself. NVAs create waiting, increase Turn around Time of completion of things, and reduce customer experience all of which will increase your cost of doing business and may soon drive you out of business.


Lean Consulting or hiring lean consultants can help businesses look at their processes closely and plan for their removal or reduction thereby impacting the top line and bottom line.

Our Lean Consulting body of work can be summarized below :

  • 5S Implementation Consulting – AIG has worked with large and small organizations from varied domains to help them implement and reap benefits from 5S Consulting. Several organizations have benefited from our 5S models.
  • Lean Diagnostic Study – AIG has conducted Lean Diagnostic Study in accordance with the specific needs of its clients and subsequently generated reports which have helped the customer attend to short-term and long-term goals. These diagnostic reports could be used as the first step for Lean implementation.
    • The study involves the assessment of Muda, Mura, and Muri existence in business processes.
    • Lean Diagnostics could be prepared for VSM implementation.
  • VSM Implementation – The experienced consultants at AIG have carried out VSM Implementation across various sectors of the industry.
  • Muda Reduction – AIG has provided its clients with various Muda reduction i.e. waste reduction solutions.

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Why choose Lean Consulting



Businesses will struggle to survive if the current processes have non-value adds in their process. Waste or muda will increase cost and reduce efficiency. Implement Lean to survive and be profitable.


Hire an expert and you focus on your core competence

Choosing Lean Consulting will ensure that you get AIG Consultants who are experts at what they do and will be able to fix the issues in a time bound manner. We can fix while you focus on core operations.

Customer expects it

Most customers will not choose you as a provider if Lean isnt implemented in your business. To be able to get more customers and to keep the existing ones - Lean Consulting is critical


Your other stakeholders gain confidence

Stakeholders are also benefitted by Lean Implementation. It shall help bring employee confidence impacting retention, their motivation etc. Vendors also will get positively motivated.

Happy Customer

Customer experience will definitely improve

Lean Consulting ensures that processes deliver value to the customer. Lean shall always result in greater Customer experience. Better customer experience will always help you make more money.


Inefficiencies increase Cost of Poor Quality

COPQ or Cost of Poor Quality is increased due to inefficiencies in the process. Using Lean tools one can bring down inefficiencies and reduce the COPQ. High COPQ increases product cost and it drives you out of the competition.