ISO Certification

ISO Certification

ISO Certification services are one of the most important service offerings from AIG.

ISO Certification services offered by us includes ISO 9001 certification, ISO 27001 certification, ISO 14001 certification, ISO 45001 certification and IATF certification amongst many other iso certifications offered by us.

ISO certification is critical to any organization's growth for the below reasons:

1. ISO certification induces unmatched confidence in a customer who uses organization's services or products. Different ISO certifications have different intended messaging involved. ISO 9001, for instance, can give the customer the confidence that your organization deploys process's which are standardized and that there is a process-based approach to doing things. Similarly, ISMS or ISO 27001 gives the customer confidence that information security is carefully planned and managed and that information security controls are in line with international norms, have been implemented in the company

2. Confidence to internal customers

In today's era when talent acquisition and its retention is critical success factors for any business. ISO certification provides the employee and other stakeholders that the firm adheres to international standards in its day to day ops.

3. ISO certification as a business development tool.

Many, if not all sales efforts today need the firm to have ISO certification applicable to them. Most customers and prospects have mandated that the firm hired for services or products has a sound implementation of ISO certification as applicable to them. 

4. ISO certification impacts costs and profits

If ISO standards are implemented in any organization, it will definitely impact key organization's metrics like rework, repair, outages, security breaches, employee satisfaction etc. Thus, ISO certification will always have an impact on the top line and bottom line of the firm. 

Some common ISO Standards that organizations seek ISO Certification for:

ISO 9001: This ISO Standard is applicable to any kind of company, whether it is IT, BPO, Manufacturing, Printing shop etc. This ISO Certification is sought by firms when they want to provide assurance of quality for their products or services.

ISO 27001: This ISO Certification is applicable to companies or department within companies where you have critical or confidential information and you want processes to preserve information security of the same.

This is mostly opted by organizations doing outsourced work like BPOs, IT Firms, firms involved in Design work or who are the recipient of design with is IP etc.

ISO 14001: ISO 14001 or Environment Management System is an ISO Standard where processes are required to preserve the environment. This is an applicable standard when your process or output creates products which are hazardous to the environment and government or customer needs you to be careful in your responsibilities as a company. Most requirements in EMS will be a statutory need.

ISO 20000-1: IT Service Management standard or ISO 20000 is implemented in firms where IT Service or IT Support is being managed. This standard lays down detailed processes for IT Service Support.

ISO 45001 - This standard was formerly known as ISO 18000 and is related to Occupational Health and Safety. While the body mentions its applicability for all kind of companies. ISO 45001 is chosen by companies where there is some occupational hazard associated. This could mostly a client requirement that before they choose a company as their supplier they want to be sure of the practices involved in handling the Occupational health and safety.

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