Excel Training

Excel Training

Excel Training is a key offering from Advance Innovation Group

Excel has grown to become undeniably the most powerful and important computer program in organizations around the world. It is used to optimize data and statistics for further analysis so as to facilitate decision making. It provides an enormous capacity to do quantitative analysis.

Excel Training @ AIG is important for professionals from all spheres. If you are a leader - you must possess great skills in Microsft Excel, while for people looking at becoming Leader - Excel is a mandatory skill to possess. For people who are starting new - excel offers great employability options and is a necessary skill for one to grow in life.

Excel is the most popular tool in the industry today and is used extensively because of its computation ability. Organizations capture all sorts data from HR related information to Ops information to everything else. Using Excel provides people and organizations the ability to draw meaningful information from the collected data.

Graphical analysis is yet another key thing to learn in Excel Training. They say pictures speak louder than words and using excel one can create different types of graphs and charts which can pictorially depict the information in a more meaningful way. Excel graphs and charts can be customized to look amazing thus ensuring that business presentations look nice and tidy.

We @Advance Innovation Group, take Excel Training seriously as we feel that it is a key business tool that all professionals must have. 

Our Excel Training is a workshop where we prepare the individual participant with the skill to be able to make good use of Excel in their business environment. We will train you on the excel functions, formulae, shortcuts, formatting capabilities, graphs, and charts etc 

Our Excel training shall include hands-on practice on creating dashboards, creating meaningful sheets using excel formula and creating neat looking dashboards which are presentable and Leadership ready.

Come over when you have time to attend a demo session with us to see what we cover and what all do we include etc.

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Key Features of Excel Training Program

Classroom Training

Classroom Training

You get 20 hours of high quality Instructor led training which is inclusive of practice sessions.

Get Trained By Experts

Get Trained by Experts

At AIG get trained on Excel by industry professionals.

Flexible Class Timing

Flexible Class Timing

Classes at AIG can be scheduled as per your availability. You can schedule the class in multiple of 2 hours i.e. class can be arranged for 2,4,6,8 hours.

Flexible Payment And EMI Options

Flexible Payment and EMI Options

You get the option to pay fee though various payment options and fee can also be paid in installments.

IT Driven Relationship Management

IT Driven Relationship Management

We use Technology to make our relationship more transparent and accountable. Our Android app can be downloaded for ease.