Lean Six Sigma Consulting In Admin

Six Sigma in Admin

LEAN Six Sigma is the most widely spread and well greeted approach in the industry to enhance the performance of anything being done in the organization. It is utilized by all the industries and by all the departments of the Organization to drive benefits and efficiencies. For improving the performance of anything being done in the organization, it is imperative to ensure measurability of performance, as the famous quote states ““Anything you can’t measure, you cannot improve or control.”

But the hind side, only measuring some will not be sufficient, in order to drive performance and improvements, the organization should have competencies around understanding the numbers, using statistical tools and concepts, data analysis etc. without which improvements can’t be assured. As along with measuring the performances, we also need to interpret the same, we need to draw inferences around the performance and that can only be enabled via usage of the tools that are being utilized by the international industry and have historical proved track record of driving benefits for the organizations.

All the organizations today, regardless of industry, have the administration department that manages various important activities in the organization vizFacilities Management, Physical Movement in the organization (both Human and Non-Human)etc, some of the Activities of the Admin Department are mentioned below:

In order to manage and improve the performance of each of these, there are different organizational and process levels metrics defined to measure and review the performance of these processes and of the Admin Department as a whole.

The LEAN Six Sigma training provided by Advance Innovation Group is customized for the individuals representing a particular departments along with generic examples and scenarios that help the attendees to understand the concepts relating them to their processes/departments and thus explore and discover improvement opportunities in their departments and hence drive improvements. We have helped several organizations in developing competencies around LEAN Six Sigma and driving improvements in the departments.

Transport Management

This data (resulting from Performance evaluation/Complaints tracking etc) helps in identification of areas wherein they are underperforming and LEAN Six Sigma Approaches help in ensuring the performance is as per the pre defined requirements and also gives a fair visibility and approach to improve the performance further (as in for a BPO the billing is done basis the Login hours and as per the login time of the client, if the login is not on time, that would reduce the billing amount and would also reduce customer trust and satisfaction, similarly, for other industries, if the resource is not available on time, that would directly impact the productivity and utilization of the resources). LEAN Six Sigma has been and is being effectively utilized by the industry to identify the root causes of any issue being faced and the statistical approach helps in utilizing the data to get to the actual Root Cause and also has been helping the industry to identify and implement several best practices that are now the integral part of the processes.

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