Lead Auditor ISO 14001

Lead Auditor ISO 14001:2015

The Lead Auditor ISO 14001 Program enjoys the global reach. This program is not only recognized internationally but also is also regarded to be one of the most elite training programs developed for Professionals. This program focuses on teaching the basic skills required to audit or manage an environment management system in an Organization.

Lead Auditor ISO 14001 Training program is a good blend of understanding the details of the laid down ISO 14001 standard and getting a detailed understanding of auditing practices as laid down by the body. Lead Auditor ISO 14001 program will prepare the participant with the ability to comprehend the ISO 14001 and ISO 19011 standard and to be able to manage the ISO 14001 audit process.

People competent with Lead Auditor ISO 14001 knowledge are considered a great asset to the organization in the following ways:

  • Lead Auditor ISO 14001 Certified professionals can help manage the ISO 14001Certification.
  • Lead Auditor ISO 14001 Certified professionals with their in-depth knowledge of the ISO 14001 process can help build the culture of improvement and process behavior which is imperative for organizational growth.
  • Lead Auditor ISO 14001 Certified professionals strengthen the internal audit processes and thus help in checking the process adherence in the organization thereby helping the organization assess its weakness and plan improvement.
  • Lead Auditor ISO 14001 Certified professionals help set up the risk-based approach to organization management.

During this Lead Auditor ISO 14001 training program, the participant is given an in-depth understanding of the 10 clauses of the ISO 14001 standard and ISO 19011 standard. Along with the theoretical session on Lead Auditor ISO 14001, the participant is explained in great details the process of conducting the audit.

Technology is at the forefront of providing a great customer experience. 

Our Student Suite is perhaps one of the best training management technology tools available in the industry. Through this tool below are the benefits we have provided to the student:

  • Online Self-Assessment - Get access to 100s of practice questions to access competence on topics and chapters and to enable gap fill.
  • Available Downloadable content – Through our android app and web application, participants are provided with several downloadable contents to help the LA ISO 14001 learning process. Contents include sample SOPs, checklists, flowcharts, etc
  • Traceability of Service Requests – All Customer service requests are handled in a traceable and accountable manner with defined SLA and sound communication processes.
  • Access to knowledge content – Through our blog and other online assets we provide loads of knowledge content to all participants of the LA ISO 14001.


Lead Auditor ISO 14001 Training @ AIG is possible in all two modes:

  • Classroom Training – This is instructor-led 40 hours of Lead Auditor ISO 14001 training program in the classroom mode where the participants attend the program on one of AIG Training venues.
  • Virtual Training – When a participant is unable to attend the session at one of AIG’s training venue’s – participant can go in for Virtual training for Lead Auditor ISO 14001. During this mode, the participant will undergo the training program in the virtual mode like skype sessions or sessions on some other video calling platform.

Course Objectives - Lead Auditor ISO 14001

The primary aim of this comprehensive program is to brush-up the basic principles of the ISO 14001:2015 Standards and to enable the practitioners to strategize & conduct the third party external audits. More specifically, this training program aims at providing par knowledge and technical skills required to become a skilled and competent Lead Auditor.

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Key Features of Lead Auditor ISO 14001 Programs

Classroom Training

Classroom Training

40 hours of high quality Instructor led training as per the defined curriculum.

Get Trained By Experts

Get trained by Experts

At AIG get trained on Lead Auditor ISO 14001 by practitioners of ISO 14001

Flexible Class Timing

Flexible Class Timing

Classes at AIG can be planned as per your availability. You can attend classes in multiple of 2 hours i.e. classes can be arranged for 2,4,6,8 hours.

Flexible Payment And EMI Options

Flexible Payment and EMI options

You can pay your fee in installments.

IT Driven Relationship Mgmt

IT Driven Relationship mgmt

We use Technology to make our relationship more transparent and accountable. You can download our Android App for ease.

Rich Knowledge Content Made Available

Rich Knowledge Content made available

Get access to rick knowledge content of well written SOPs, Audit Plans, Checklists etc.

Placement Assistance

Placement Assistance

We provide support to help you get placed. We help with interview preparation, resume building and alumni network for placement.

Course Advisor

Pranay AIG

Pranay Kumar

LSS MBB, LA ISO 9001, 27001, 14001, 45001, 20000-1, 22301. 22001. IATF, 31000, ITIL Practioner, Prince2 Practioner, Scrum Master Etc.

CEO and Principal Consultant @AIG, Pranay has had an illustrious career of over 2.5 decades helping companies become profitable and organized. He has been instrumental in the setup of Management Systems, Lean Six Sigma Implementation, Project Mgmt framework, etc. He has mentored more than 20000 professionals in Lean Six Sigma, ISO Standards, Project Management, Digital Transformation, etc.