Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the integration of technology into a key business function transforming resulting in fundamental changes in which the business operates and how the business delivers value to its customers.

Digital Transformation is key to AIG's solution design for its key customers.

We understand that business will need to keep inventing themselves in order to survive the changing technology landscape which is challenging the status quo of everything around.

There are disruptive innovations which are completely transforming businesses today. Look at what Uber and Ola have done to the taxi industry. Nedmeds and 1Mg etc are transforming the way the medical industry is looking at doing business. ONe can see several such stories with Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats etc and this is perhaps happening everywhere.

Chatbots are working to help reduce customer service cost and companies are working at creating self-service portals. Banking has transformed in a big way and physical banking is mostly on the decline.

The AIG Story

Through several years of consulting, we were quick to realize the need for Digital Transformation and we partner with firms large and small to transform how they do business.

From helping companies transform their training processes to helping customers build android 

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Why does Digital Transformation matter?

Their Competitors Are Doing It

Their Competitors are doing it

Some will have to take to Digital Transformation because their Competition has already done so and you have handed them some serious first mover advantage.

Speed Is Necessary

Speed is necessary

The speed at which things are being done in business, also the quality of the work. Technology is the only thing that can help there. Business will have to Self Service mode, embrace technology to improve communication speed etc.


Reduce Cost and improve profit

Cost will always be a key question in business and Digital Transformation will help improve the cost pressure thus increasing profits.

Improve Efficiency

Improve efficiency

Efficiencies in business can only be enhanced if the technology is embraced, and this can bring huge benefits to any business. increased efficiencies make your business more trustworthy for your customer and for internal teams as well.


Stakeholders expect them to catch up

People have become used to intelligent solutions and they expect businesses to Transform themselves. All stakeholders (internal and external) expects businesses to catch up.


It is a question of Survival

Tech landscape is changing rapidly, and most business technology is disruptive. Hence not taking up Digital Transformation can challenge your survival.