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Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma Training program @ Advance Innovation Group includes Six Sigma Master Black Belt ProgramSix Sigma Black Belt Training, Six Sigma Green Belt Training, Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training, Minitab Training, Lean TrainingMSA TrainingSPC Training, and other Lean Six Sigma. related training programs.

Lean Six Sigma Training at AIG shall involve a detailed understanding of the different concepts and tools used in the subject along with extensive hands-on practice on data analysis and usage of these tools in project work and outside.

Lean Six Sigma training in AIG is the only program offered in the industry where projects and data analysis are an inherent part of the learning process and the certification issuance.

Lean Six Sigma is a practitioner subject and hence we are of the view that white-board based training methods deployed with other training providers will not be of any use. Instead, the program will have to involve a lot of detailed and hands-on practice of tools and data analysis using Minitab etc.

We @ AdvanceInnovation Group are boastful that ours is the only Lean Six Sigma training program that focusses on providing the participants in-depth understanding of the concepts and tools involved in Lean Six Sigma.

We believe in learning by doing, hence the training has been structured such that the participant mandatorily has to submit work done basis his understanding of the subject and involving data analysis and Minitab work.

We also put technology to aid the learning process.

Our Student Suite is perhaps one of the best training management technology tools available in the industry. Through this tool below are the benefits we have provided to the student:

  • Online Self-Assessment – We pride in hosting 16000 plus Lean Six Sigma questions, access to which is provided to all students. Students use this tool to assess their own their competence and enable gap fill. Several large and small corporates use AIG’s online assessment tool and questions in their internal assessments.
  • Available Downloadable content – Through our android app and web application, we provide all participants of Lean Six Sigma training several downloadable contents with helps the learning process. Data for projects, tools, and templates, completed projects etc.
  • Traceability of Service Requests – All service requests from participants is handled with transparency and accountability. All service requests from Lean Six Sigma participants are handled in time bound manner and within SLA.
  • Access to knowledge content – Through our blog and other online assets we provide loads of knowledge content to all participants of the Lean Six Sigma Programs. 100s of Lean Six Sigma projects, case studies, best practices documents are made available to participants.

Lean Six Sigma Training @ AIG is offered in three different modes:

  • Classroom Mode - Lean Six Sigma Training in the classroom is instructor-led classroom training provided at AIG Training Venues.
  • Virtual Mode - Should the participant not be available to travel to AIG Training venues to attend Lean Six Sigma training programs, they can opt to attend sessions in the virtual mode i.e. the session will be instructor-led, however, the same shall be done through Skype or some other video sharing technology.
  • Online Mode - In the online mode, Lean Six Sigma training is provided through pre-recorded videos and content made available to the participant. The time-bound access to the learning module is extended to the learner and instructor support is available only for doubt clearing sessions and project support.

Lean Six Sigma Training program @ AIG is focussed on developing practical competence of the participants and we are the only training organization where participants are provided with hands-on experience on Lean Six Sigma Tools and data analysis using Minitab etc. 

Advance Innovation Group is the leading and one of the most preferred training institutes across India for Lean Six Sigma Training.

The unique methodology for training and project support is something which differentiates Advance Innovation Group from other training institutes. We train you on the basis of our experience which we have gained from the Six Sigma Consulting we do for our clients. We help you understand the actual challenges faced and how to overcome them while running a Six Sigma project. Six Sigma Training helps professional to understand the important CTQ’s within an organization and contribute towards cost reduction, productivity enhancement and streamline business processes which results in improving the processes and quality of what is being delivered to the customer.

Factors affecting Lean Six Sigma Fee Structure:

Like all business management programs, Lean Six Sigma program fee is also driven by the following factors:

  • Live Industry Interface
  • Program Duration
  • Consultant’s experience and seniority
  • Table of Content
  • Rote Vs Practical Training
  • Other benefits

Lean Six Sigma is a practical business management and hence needs lots of practice and exposure to live scenarios, and hence one key determinant of the fee for Lean Six Sigma shall always be – how well does the program integrate the live scenarios and projects from near true business environment. For example – if someone is from Finance and accounting background – does the program cover project from the similar area, without which the trainee would not be able to relate to the topics discussed and won’t be able to take the learning back to his / her workplace.

Duration of the program should also be treated as a key determinant. If someone is offering to cover a complicated and practical program like Lean Six Sigma in 20 hours or thereabouts – one must stay away. Six Sigma needs loads of practice of data analysis and several other tools and techniques – including statistical concepts – and offering to complete this in mere 16-20 hours is a guarantee of poorly planned program.

The third and key consideration is the experience of the trainer/consultant in Lean Six Sigma. Almost all organizations (barring Advance Innovation Group and Benchmark) don’t even have Consultants’ on their payroll – meaning they outsource your program to anyone willing to work for 500 – 1000 rs an hour model. Almost all, don’t even have experience of doing even a single project themselves and hence will be unable to mentor people in LSS Projects / tools / data analysis.

Table of Content – the organizations that do not take very skilled/experienced people to deliver which results in – TOC that is mostly compromised – leaving the participant way short of what they are required to know.

Practical Project based Training – LSS is a practical business management subject which focuses on problem solving. And unless the program focuses on loads of practice on data analysis, tools etc you would not understand the program at all. Today, most LSS professionals are in difficult waters because they lack the practice and hence have little or no capability to deliver what is expected. Six Sigma projects are mandatory to become a practitioner – and a program that does not include project is a waste of time and money.

There could be a few other things that could help determine:

  • Does the provider provide real and relevant projects for reference?
  • Quality of handouts and recorded content?
  • Duration of post closure support
  • Benefits like job assistance.

How to identify best Lean Six Sigma institute for yourself:

Lean Six Sigma is a career driven program which can very easily help you bag high salaries and steep growth. Hence, it is super crucial to be careful about which firm to do it from. Factors that could help you determine:

  • Projects and Industry specific tools & technique focus
  • Program duration
  • Demo sessions
  • Fee refund criteria
  • Reviews
  • Trainers’ experience & exposure to LSS industry
  • Practical training
  • Extensive hands-on exercises on data analysis
  • Demo session

First and fore-most criteria for choosing a Lean Six Sigma Training firm should be the focus on practice and projects. Learning six sigma without projects is like surgery on white board – UTTER USELESS. Choose a firm which offers project practice as part of their offering etc.

If any firm offers to finish the program in 16-20 hours – BEWARE of them – they won’t be able to do justice to a program like Six Sigma. They will compromise on the table of content to be covered and will definitely not help you do six sigma projects – which is super critical.

Third key decision criteria would be the Consultant/trainer who would manage your program:

Ask for the profile of the trainer – look at his years of experience, ask for a demo session so that you can gauge his/her ability to explain concepts. Check if the trainer/Consultant understands your industry and has used cases from your industry type. Check out some of his recorded session on “project support” i.e. sessions he has taken on helping people do six sigma projects. This way you will be able to comprehend his ability to train and check if the firm will actually help you do projects or is it a fake promise.

Another important thing to look for is – hours spent in data analysis practice. Six Sigma is a practitioners’ subject and unless you are mentored on data analysis you will not be able to understand the program at all. Spend time talking to the consultant and have it documented that they will render support on data analysis etc.

Also, check with them before hand on refund procedure. Ask them if they will refund your fee if you done see value post 2-3 sessions.

Reviews are great to help you choose – check for google reviews (you can easily make out the fake one from the true ones). Reviews will help.

Other factors could be:

  1. Mode of training – Depending on your convenience – go for Instructor Led Online or classroom sessions.
  2. Flexible training hours – Are they able to accommodate your flexible training hour needs

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