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MS Excel

MS-Excel has grown to become undeniably the most powerful and important computer program in organizations around the world. It is used to optimize data and statistics for further analysis so as to facilitate decision making. It provides enormous capacity to do quantitative analysis.

It gives businesses the tools they need to make the most of their data. When it’s about effective utilization of resources and maximising return on investment, this is becoming evidently important.

Every employee has something to track, something to measure and something to monitor. Excel is the best application to accomplish these tasks.

MS-Excel training plays a vital role in shaping careers nowadays. Organizations seek candidates with strong analytical skills and if you know Microsoft Excel, employers may see you as a valuable asset who can perform tasks efficiently. It is vital for most office based professionals today and stronger Excel skills can open the door to many leadership opportunities.

Excel is not going anywhere and organizations will continue to use Excel as a primary tool for varied tasks.

Excel training courses reveal a lot of nut and bolts, tricks and short cuts, professionals can quickly find ways to apply the knowledge to make their current jobs simpler. Once you learn about all of the innovative features during Excel training courses, you will find new ways to track critical tasks.

Excel Training (Level-I)

  1. Getting Started with Excel
  2. Modifying a Worksheet
  3. Performing Calculations
  4. Formatting a Worksheet
  5. Customizing Layout
  6. Sorting and Filtering Data
  7. Printing Workbook Contents

Excel Training (Level-II)

  1. Review of Level 1
  2. Writing the Formula
  3. Functions(Nesting of functions)
  4. Using What if
  5. Consolidating and managing data from multiple workbooks
  6. Pivot Table
  7. Import & Export
  8. Charts
  9. Data Validation Criteria
  10. Protecting the Document
  11. Auditing Worksheets
  12. Tools of Controlbox and their usage in worksheet

Mode of Payment

  • Cheque to be paid in the favor of Advance Innovation Group.
  • Credit and Debit Cards.
  • Other payment modes could be cash or Demand Draft.
  • (Demand Draft should be made in favor of ‘Advance Innovation Group’ payable at ‘Noida only’.)

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