Supplier Assessment-1

Supplier Assessment is a term of business which used in business and refers to the process improvement and approving potential suppliers

Supplier Assessment-1

Supplier Assessment is a term of business which used in business and refers to the process improvement and approving potential suppliers by quantitative and qualitative assessment. The purpose of supplier assessment is to ensure a portfolio of best in class suppliers is available for use.

Supplier Assessment-1

Approved List of Sub contractors

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The supplier assessment will need to be in several parts:

Technical Assessment:– This would check the products, processes or services to establish that they are what the supplier claims them to be. Assessment of design and production capability may be carried out at this stage especially when specific advanced technical contracts are being considered.
Financial Assessment:– This would check the credit rating, insurance risk, stability of the company where the goods are purchased.
Ethical assessment: – This would check the probity, conformance with professional standards and codes.
These assessments doe not need to be carried out on the supplier’s premises. Much of the data needed can be accumulated from a supplier questionnaire and searches through directories and registers of companies.

Criteria for evaluation of Subcontractors

When an organization uses a sub contractor, some of its responsibilities are transferred to that third party. The standard does not defgine or prohibit any work that may be chosen for subcontracting, but it does require that the product or items supplied by the subcontractor should satisfy the product’s quality as per the customer requirement.

The critieria for evaluation of Subcontractors are selected to avoid the possibility of selecting subcontractors that are inexpensive but unable to deliver, sub – contractors are selected on the basis of their ability to meet subcontract requirements that lists the quality of their product or service based on its type. A proper survey of records of the sub – contractor is carried out of analyse their capability and performance.

Establish and maintain quality records of acceptable sub – contractors. Keep track of good suppliers, establish and maintain records of acceptable sub – contractors.

Supplier’s Selection Criteria

Selection criteria will differ based on the product subcontracted. Hence, there is a need to segregate a set of selection criteria for each situation or a master set of selection criteria that can be customized so that, it demonstrates applicability to situations encountered with subcontracts. You should document a procedure that elaborates how the master set can be modified for individual sub – contractors types. In other words, your criteria must be inclusive, repeatable, and objective based on the type of the product. For example, the criteria to select a sub – contractor for testing a life – critical product should be different than for one performing customer fulfillment of purchase orders.

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