Organization’s Documentation

Pranay Kumar

May 7, 16

Organization Documentation is very important for the implementation and in the time of audit both for quality management system ISO 9000.

Organization’s Documentation

This article is posted by Advance Innovation Group student intended to help students or depth understanding about quality management system.

The foundation of ISO/QS 9000 or we can say quality management system compliance begins with proper quality documentation. The main objectives of an organization’s documentation, independent of whether or not it has implemented a formal QMS are : communication of information, evidence of conformity and knowledge sharing. Documentation of ISO/QS 9000 quality management system may use the concept of a pyramid model with a five tiered documentation. Once the organization gets a clear picture of quality system it precedes with the documentation. There three levels of documentation. A quality system is a collection of documented policies, procedures, and work instructions that lead to and guide the delivery of quality products and services, as promised to the customer. The quality manual defines the company quality policy in relation to each clause of the quality management system standard ISO 9001. Transactions spanning organizational boundaries have to be secure. The organization shall record information on security events and use operator logs to detect information system problems.

In quality management system a record is a document that results achieved or providing evidence of activities performed. Records are established and maintained to provide proof of conformity to requirements and of the effective operation of the quality management system. The organization shall make sure that your organization’s networks, electronic commerce (e – commerce) services and its usage are secure.

For effective application of quality management system the organization should protect the integrity of information that is published by monitoring the information processing facilities.- the information centre labs and data centres. A formal policy has to be established to control how information and software is exchanged between organizations. The organization shall comply with all relevant legislation that governs and controls the exchange of information and software between organizations. The unit also speaks about document amendment, security issues, obsolete documents, document review and approval. The process of document control is also specifies briefly.

Some Glossary we need to understand while working on quality management system.

Frame work documentation: This is the complete list of all quality documentation followed in a company

Policy Manual / quality manual: the core document of the company outlining the objectives of the company’s quality system

Procedures manual : Procedures manuals are the manual which explain the steps followed to execute a particular activity or process

External documents: Documents accessed by external parties, especially customers and users of public domain

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