DOE Factorial Design using Minitab

Through this article I shall help you with screenshot of how to conduct DOE Factorial Design using Minitab, which is a critical tool in Six Sigma.

DOE Factorial Design using Minitab

How to create A factorial design in Minitab:-1

1.Choosing the “default generators” option means that Minitab will select what effects are aliased with one another for us.
2.We can see what designs are available for a specific Number of runs or factors, as well as the corresponding design resolution.

1. we will find the the resolution chart

  1. Select the Number of factors

Select the Design,

Select Number of centre point

Select replicates

Select the Block/ Then Select factors

We can select the name of factors as we can select the code as per the level of factors

Now select the option for Result

We can also add the 10th number column for observation

I stands for Identity is another word for control – i.e. no treatments.

The effect estimate for factor A is actually the effect for A and BCDE

To be cont…