Organization Maturity and ISO 13053

Pranay Kumar

May 7, 16

ISO 13053 tends for continual improvement in an organization. Here different level of an organization have been described to justify the maturity level.

Organization Maturity and ISO 13053

As it is known that ISO asks all organizations to work towards Continual Improvement, the same approach has been incorporated in ISO 13053 standard also. Continual Improvement consists of a series of actions that help an organization to move from a nascent stage to a market leader. Now, different stages for an organization have been described to judge its maturity level and to provide an organization to work towards reaching the next level.
Various Levels of Maturity of an Organization
1. Initial – In this stage, no process exists in the organization. Business is carried on the basis of whims and fancies of the business owner or the person who is managing it. No set of rules and regulations exists.
2. Second Level or Managed – Although no process has been formulated, still the importance of customer has been recognized. Hence, a process to reply to the customer needs or requirements has been designed and introduced.
3. Third Level or Defined – The organization reaches this level once the processes for all the business activities being carried on have been formulated. Almost no activity is left in the organization for which a process has not been defined.
4. Fourth level or Quantatively Managed– Once the processes for all business activities have been formulated, controls should be established to judge their performance or to measure their output through certain indicators or parameters. Once this has been done, the organization reaches the fourth level of maturity.
5. Fifth Level or Optimized – In this level, the organization strives to attain improvement in its business processes by optimizing them. This involves taking certain steps to attain improvement in its ultimate goal to achieve the organizational goals and to fulfill the customer needs and aspirations.
These levels given above change over a period of time in an organization where Six Sigma has been implemented. An organization matures from a the initial level to the final level where all the processes
Have been formulated and a structure has been established to work towards getting improvement from these processes.

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