Lean + Six-Sigma = Lean Six-Sigma

What is Lean Six Sigma

Lean + Six-Sigma = Lean Six-Sigma
Lean Six Sigma

Lean + Six-Sigma = Lean Six-Sigma!!

Lean and Six Sigma under a powerful framework can be combined to reinforce the benefits of both approaches and ensure the most appropriate tools are utilized to solve our clients business challenges. We can experience in deploying Lean Six Sigma in different service environments to deliver measurable business improvement that:

  1. Achieves sustainable reductions in service costs and increases in productivity by eliminating waste and aligning resources with value creating activity.
  2. Improves customer satisfaction and enhance the customer experience through significant reductions in service times and the delivery of consistent service performance.
  3. Uses performance measures as a communication mechanism to align the organization, support data driven decision making and drive improvements in service performance through organizational learning.
  4. Improve team working and employee empowerment by developing a customer centric culture enabled by the tools and techniques for problem identification and resolution.

Lean Six Sigma is a vital strategic tool to deliver competitive advantage for your business. The focus on the customer and the elimination of variation and waste are critical to boosting customer sales, retention and loyalty, as well as operational efficiency.

The core Lean Six Sigma framework is built around the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) methodology. With the DMAIC phases you ensure improvements and innovations are appropriate to your business and your customers, and that they are properly embedded into your corporate culture.

When any improvement is activated, it can only be effective if the management and employees embrace the new way of working. Considering the aspects of short term + temporary goal achievement of Lean and long term + permanent goal achievement of Six-Sigma, the organizations can achieve much better results.