Fishbone Diagram for Low Quality Score

Pranay Kumar

Jan 13, 17


During a recent analyze session @Advance Innovation Group, the participants were required to work at an Improvement initiative on Quality Score.

Attached is the fishbone diagram – Quality Score.


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2 thoughts on “Fishbone Diagram for Low Quality Score”

  1. Though Quality plays an important role, but in a typical Collections or Sales environment, the weightage in Incentive is relatively small. Hence the motivation to give quality is less.
    My idea would be to either raise the weightage or provide booster in incentive amount especially to those who may give scores above a certain % point.
    This can also be taken into consideration during appraisal times.
    Another idea is to provide due recognition to the good quality givers in manner of rewards, certfications, opportunities in participation of quality workgroups etc

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