Thinking of Hiring More People in Your Team? Think Again!!!

Abhijeet Raj

May 8, 16

Thinking of hiring more people in a team without any utilization is one kind of waste. Many processes have Non-value added activities (wastes) like this.

While doing a Lean Project I interviewed 3 Departments individually which are Dependent on each other. I requested them to start with the single biggest problem they have in their work. Their answer was “We have Lack of Manpower”. I asked them to further analyse their work problems in detail and realized that they are massively busy in performing activities like…

thinking of hiring more
Correcting their Work
Re-Checking Someone Else’s Work
Waiting for Someone to be Available
Searching for Correct Material
I learnt They are doing their best but unable to Deliver on Time.
Most of the tasks they are involved in are that do not make any sense to them leading to Frustration. And I would say “They are right!!!”

Can You ask Yourself and Your Team members to Identify such Wasteful Activities and Work towards Eliminating them.

Do You Want to Produce more Waste and Increase Frustration by Hiring More People or Reduce Waste with the help of Existing People.


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