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TPM Program

Advance Innovation Group is one of the leading and most preferred six sigma training organization providing training for individuals as well as Corporates. Our professionals with expertise in their respective fields have helped many organizations achieve success and required satisfaction in terms of excellence and perfection over work and processes.

Six Sigma training has got different levels into it, like Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma Master Black Belt. The unique methodology for training and project support is something which differentiates Advance Innovation Group from other training institutes.Six Sigma Black Belt Training helps the candidate to prepare themselves for the next level and most importantly become a successful change agent within the organization.

We have been gaining experience through the training process of more than 5000 black belt and 8000 green belt experts which help us understand the need of customer in a better way and give us the advantage of solving the problems in one go. Ours is a knowledge driven organization, focusing on enhancing the knowledge and perfect way of working of our professionals to be competent in the industry having the most proficient skills to serve our customers well in time with best options available.

AIG Advantages:

1) Extensive hands-on experience on data analysis tools

During the educative journey of understanding the strategy tools of Lean Six Sigma, you will go through an extensive training of how to use the tools in different situations. We at AIG help our students understand and get well versed with these data analysis tools and practice them thoroughly so that they can be applied in the required conditions.

) Thorough understanding of DMAIC Lifecycle

The Lean Six Sigma follows a particular model of DMAIC which explains defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, controlling the processes. We help our students to understand and work practically on such cases which include every possible outcome which can be practiced and implemented in the future. The extensive study of the cases which include activities and phases of six sigma, change management tools and components, helps understand the different perspectives of DMAIC methodology.

3) Life Long Relationship

We understand that students, after the training program ends, need our assistance and hand-holding in many upcoming competitive matters related to current trends, up gradation of the knowledge, job transfers, foreign assignments etc. This is where we explain our students that we believe in developing long relationships with them, always in a state to help them guide through the difficult problems faced by them while working with the organizations, corporate and even individuals.

4) Accountable System

AIG believes in customer satisfaction and creating a transparency with them to render them with the best of our services. We teach our students on the topics like, how to create transparency with the customer; traceability of attendance, scheduling of fee structure, paid statuses etc. This all is done through the extensive IT driven management tools, where they are taught how to access all the possibilities through a single click.

5) Flexibility

We at AIG understand the need of flexibility required in the class timings and payment schedules etc, that’s why we provide a good flexibility in the processes to meet your reasonable needs.

6) Value

AIG always believes in attaining customer satisfaction and aims at serving the customers at first priority, so partnering with AIG, a huge value based organization, gives an opportunity to come up with setting new benchmarks of quality and service. We make sure that our customers are heard properly without any delay.

7) Huge and well knit Alumni Network

AIG has succeeding in developing a huge network of alumini which helps AIG to develop at a faster pace and also sometimes help its students to favor in the cases of job references, providing training content, sharing their practical experiences of working with different organizations, in different situations, solving different problems. its never better then listening to a practical case study through the mouth of person who has actually gone through the situation.

8) Training Faculty

AIG boasts about having a highly skilled professional network which acts as the faculty to students, having a huge experience of the industry. They impart best of their knowledge to the students during their training sessions which are too valuable and qualitative. All of the knowledge and experience we got from consulting into some of the foreign industries of European Union, US etc, is a part of the training we give to our students for better understanding.

9) Industry interface

We have been learning the principles and themes of the industry through our industry interface of Consulting, which gives us a huge opportunity to learn about the alternatives available in different situations. Working with different clients and organizations give us an insight on how to deal with the emerging problems of other firms and companies. Whatever we get to increase our knowledge is always a part of training our students so that they get equipped with the recent updates.

What do you get as a part of this training?

Being a part of this training, you get the advantage of working on live projects as dummy, getting an intensive training on the Minitab which is one of the most important parts of six sigma, helping to understand the tools of the methodology, working with the professionals on industry case studies etc. This all is included in the 120 Hours of Lean Six Sigma Training you will be getting in the stipulated time period.

Candidates will get a certificate for attending the classes of training program and another certificate for submission of the project assigned to them for practice purpose.

As mentioned earlier AIG is always there to help its students in the situations faced by them after the training program ends up to 6 months, besides this if students want to increase the pace of completing the course they can request to do so, but not decreasing the length of duration less than 1 month.

Benefits of deploying Six Sigma as an improvement method in your Organization:

  1. This enhances the service delivery pattern.
  2. It helps in improving your business IT processes
  3. This methodology reduces the lead time, wastage of resources and inefficiency of working.
  4. It improves the quality of productivity
  5. This gives an ensured customer satisfaction improvement
  6. This allows measurable recording of improvement
  7. It creates a focused process and procedure
  8. This focuses on listening to customers and improving on the problems.
  9. It helps in implementing effective process management Framework

Six sigma is beneficial to participants in the following ways:

  1. The training session helps enhance the abilities of analyzing the data and interpreting it accordingly. The basic raw material on which six sigma works is the data of the concerned organization and so AIG helps participants understand the same for better working.
  2. The professionals, who have the certification of being a six sigma green belt or a black belt, share a high market value in the competitive market. They are considered to be providing with better services and this gives the students a bonus to be considered superior over other service providers.
  3. Six Sigma is an internationally accepted technique which is used widely by the corporate for solving the IT related problems and improving them for quality provisions. So, the knowledge of this technique promises a person to get placed in the companies easily without any issues. Because corporate also understand that this technique is a need of the present IT driven era.
  4. Six Sigma works in a pre-decided manner giving stability to the way of working and hence its study makes the participants more preferable at the corporate ends for providing them service. This improves the chances of growth of the individual as well as business. The USP of Six Sigma are usage of data analysis tools and components, Minitab understanding, 7 QC tools, which changes the organizational approach for seeking services.

Mode of Payment

Students can pay through Cheque which is to be paid in the favor of Advance Innovation Group. or through Credit and Debit Cards. or through cash or Demand Draft. (Demand Draft should be made in favor of ‘Advance Innovation Group’ payable at ‘Noida only’.)

Post the completion of the course

  • We will assist you in resume preparation
  • Assist you in improving interview skills
  • Provide counselling in other related areas
  • Provide update on Job openings.

Key Feature of Online TPM Programs

Access To Online Self Learning Module

Access to Online Self Learning Module

Timebound access to high-quality reading content consisting of Videos, Downloadable Pdfs, Excel sheets.

Rich Knowledge Content Made Available

Rich Knowledge Content made available

Get 20 downloadable content, reading content, articles etc.

Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum

Discussion with fellow learners and experts in open discussion forum.

Practice Excercises And Mock Test

Practice Excercises and mock test

Get access to online question bank of 10000 plus questions for practice and self assessment.

On Demand Doubt Clerance Sesssions

On Demand Doubt clerance sesssions

Get expert consultation on demand to clear doubts with topics if any.

Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment

With in-built real-time performance assessment and status information stay focussed on completion of the program on-time and with higher competence.

Access To Job Blog And Job Groups On Whatsapp

Access to Job Blog and Job Groups on whatsapp

Get access to Job Blog and Job Groups on Whatsapp which can be helpful in case you are looking for a job change.



The Successful Completion of the course will be subject to Certification of VSM Programs.

Placement Assistance

Placement Assistance

To Provide Appropriate Jobs That Are In Sync With Their Skill Levels, Professional Career Goals.