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VSM Programs

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VSM Training

Advance Innovation Group is one of the leading and most preferred Lean six sigma training organization providing training for individuals as well as Corporates.

Advance Innovation Group provides training and certification in Lean Methodologies and tools including the most important component of Lean which is VSM or Value Stream Mapping.

VSM Training is one of the most needed interventions in a professional’s career today with the VSM attaining a very critical role in business process improvement studies which are necessary aspect of organizational growth and sustenance.

Study of Process Steps for wait time, overall TAT, Non Value adding activities in business is important to ensure business delivers value to its customers. Sequentially studying business processes and the steps involved needs proper understanding of the technique involved and for the same one may want to attend this program of Lean VSM Training.


Our VSM program is a 16-hour program, which can be done in classes in the multiple of 2 hours i.e. the class duration can be 2,4,6,8 hours and the same shall decide the overall duration of the program.

We work 6 days in a week and the participant can choose his class time based on his availability.

Exam and Certification

The VSM Training Certification by AIG has two steps :

  • Clear a written examination with greater than 60% marks
  • Submitting a VSM Project report for evaluation by our expert panel
  • FAQ

    Can I take online classes for VSM Program? I am not based out of a city that you operate from?

    Yes, you may. We can work at arranging the MBB Sessions with the faculty over Skype or other modes.

    What is the maximum time duration allowed for completion of the VSM Program?

    While the total program is for 16 hours and people tend to complete it in maximum of 1 months. We @AIG, allow you a maximum of 3 months to complete these 16 hours of training and the other related activities that are mandatory for certification issuance.