Online Lead Auditor ISO 14001

Online Lead Auditor ISO 14001

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Course Features

Content Access – View documents, audio files, video files, flash files, audio-visual lectures for 2 months. (40 HRS OF CONTENT VIEWING IS MANDATORY)

Interaction with the teacher – Clear doubts, discuss any specific question with the teacher, obtain guidance, mentoring through two Hour a week support class will be provided on fixed times (accommodated through emails/ chats/skype)

Assignments/tasks – Undertake and complete a task under the expert guidance of the teacher

Practice exercises – Do extra practice without the supervision of the teacher

Online tests – Take subject wise on-line tests, mock tests

Forum – Discuss with fellow learners and teachers in an open discussion forum. & also read expert & alumni articles.

Chat – Discuss any point with the teacher.

Performance Metrics – View performance indicators of assignments and tests, and analyze topic-wise performance.

Scorecard – View the final scorecard obtained.

Feedback – Provide feedback rating about the program, teachers and register general feedback

Job Blog – Get access to relevant jobs posted every week

Resume Building – Get assistance in enriching your resume


Who should Attend?

This course is most useful for those:

  • Those who require detailed knowledge of EMS Auditing Process
  • Those managing internal EMS Audit within their organization
  • Those who wish to become registered EMS Lead Auditor
  • Those who wish to and are responsible to implement EMS based on ISO 14001:2015 requirements, in the organization
  • Existing EMS internal auditors who wish to expand their auditing skills

Course Content:

  • Course Introduction
  • EMS Auditor/Lead Auditor certification
  • The concept of Environment Management Principles
  • Principles of process approach & continual improvement
  • Structure & Overview of basic requirements of ISO 14001:2015
  • Introduction to EMS Auditing, Auditing principles
  • Audit Planning & preparation
  • Audit Tools & Techniques
  • Opening Meeting
  • Audit Performance
  • Closing Meeting
  • Recording & Reporting Non-Conformities
  • Audit reporting
  • Corrective Action & Audit Closeout process
  • Audit follow-up & surveillance reporting
  • Continuous Assessment exercises & feedback
  • Syndicate & role-play exercises & feedback
  • Written Examination
  • Sum-up.


All the successful candidates, who are able to participate in the program, are awarded PECB Certificate, at the end of this comprehensive program.


Key feature of Online Lead Auditor ISO:14001

 Access To Online Self Learning Module

Access to Online Self Learning Module

Time bound access to high-quality reading content consisting of Videos, Downloadable Pdfs, Excel sheets with 24/7 availability.

Rich Knowledge Content Made Available

Rich Knowledge Content made available

Get 20 downloadable content, reading content, articles etc to enrich the knowledge on the subject.

Practise Exercises

Practise Exercises

Get access to online question bank of 10000 plus questions for practise and self assessment.

 On Demand Doubt Clearance Sessions

On Demand Doubt Clearance Sessions

Get expert consultation on demand to clear doubts with topics if any.

 Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment

With in-built real-time performance assessment and status information stay focused on completion of the program on-time and with higher competence.

Access To Job Blog And Job Groups On Whatsapp

Access to Job Blog and Job Groups on Whatsapp

Get access to Job Blog and Job Groups on Whatsapp which can be helpful in case you are looking for a job change.



The Successful Completion of the course will be subject to Certification of ISO:14001.