Online Lead Auditor ISO 14001

Online Lead Auditor ISO 14001

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Course Features

Content Access – View documents, audio files, video files, flash files, audio-visual lectures for 2 months. (40 HRS OF CONTENT VIEWING IS MANDATORY)

Interaction with the teacher – Clear doubts, discuss any specific question with the teacher, obtain guidance, mentoring through two Hour a week support class will be provided on fixed times (accommodated through emails/ chats/skype)

Assignments/tasks – Undertake and complete a task under the expert guidance of the teacher

Practice exercises – Do extra practice without the supervision of the teacher

Online tests – Take subject wise on-line tests, mock tests

Forum – Discuss with fellow learners and teachers in an open discussion forum. & also read expert & alumni articles.

Chat – Discuss any point with the teacher.

Performance Metrics – View performance indicators of assignments and tests, and analyze topic-wise performance.

Scorecard – View the final scorecard obtained.

Feedback – Provide feedback rating about the program, teachers and register general feedback

Job Blog – Get access to relevant jobs posted every week

Resume Building – Get assistance in enriching your resume


Who should Attend?

This course is most useful for those:

  • Those who require detailed knowledge of EMS Auditing Process
  • Those managing internal EMS Audit within their organization
  • Those who wish to become registered EMS Lead Auditor
  • Those who wish to and are responsible to implement EMS based on ISO 14001:2015 requirements, in the organization
  • Existing EMS internal auditors who wish to expand their auditing skills

Course Content:

  • Course Introduction
  • EMS Auditor/Lead Auditor certification
  • The concept of Environment Management Principles
  • Principles of process approach & continual improvement
  • Structure & Overview of basic requirements of ISO 14001:2015
  • Introduction to EMS Auditing, Auditing principles
  • Audit Planning & preparation
  • Audit Tools & Techniques
  • Opening Meeting
  • Audit Performance
  • Closing Meeting
  • Recording & Reporting Non-Conformities
  • Audit reporting
  • Corrective Action & Audit Closeout process
  • Audit follow-up & surveillance reporting
  • Continuous Assessment exercises & feedback
  • Syndicate & role-play exercises & feedback
  • Written Examination
  • Sum-up.


All the successful candidates, who are able to participate in the program, are awarded PECB Certificate, at the end of this comprehensive program.