Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Six Sigma Master Black Belt

By AIG Company

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Master Black Belt as a professional is mostly an enterprise change management leader responsible for overall management of the improvement initiatives in the organization. With the emphasis on quality control and customer satisfaction increasing in almost every industry, the role of certified Master Black Belts is becoming more important than ever before. Consequently, they have become one of the highest paid and much sought-after professionals today

Managing the MBB Role entails both change management role and a key driver for organizational lean six sigma project initiatives. The curriculum for the Six Sigma Master Black Belt training and certification at Advance Innovation Group is created in a way that the statistical knowledge of certified Black Belts would lead to a higher level of understanding, focusing on the elements used most often with Six Sigma projects.


From setup of the Improvement Ideation Infrastructure setup and maintenance to setup of project management practices and governance of initiatives all fall under his purview. In keeping the above in the mind Advance Innovation Group’s Master Black Belt training program is carved to help the participant with an in-depth understanding of the various aspects of Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and related deliverable.

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