Agile Master Certified Online

Agile Master Certified Online

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Agile Master Certified Online

It aims at the value of people in getting the job done effectively and efficiently. Agile Master Certified Professionals should appreciate the concepts of Agile development and have the capability to compare and select the Agile methodology suitable in a given situation.

Course includes:

  • 42  High-Quality Videos: High quality and engaging training videos on each chapter and knowledge area. All the training videos are conceptualized and presented by the experts.
  • 124 Terms and Definitions: This section includes key terms, acronyms, and concepts for all chapters and knowledge. These terms and definitions can be utilized by the team as a collection of flashcards for further practice and course review.
  • 24 VMEdu Approved RCUs: VMEdu Approved RCUs for ongoing VMEdu Certification (such as SCRUMstudy, SMstudy, etc.) necessities ensure that the certified professional’s competencies are updated.
  • 24  PMI Approved PDUs: PMI approved PDUs for continuing certification requirements as established by PMI ensure that the certified professional’s competencies are updated and pertinent.
  • 1  Illustrative Case Study: Interesting and descriptive case studies showcase practical situations ensuring effective learning. These case studies are exciting to solve and provide valuable insights.
  • 1 Crossword for Fun: Crossword puzzles enhance the learning experience ensuring that the key concepts are covered.
  • 2 Reference Material: Reference material enables students to construct knowledge for themselves and develop effective learning strategies, thus laying a solid foundation

    Additional Benefits:

    Mobile App: VMEdu’s mobile app enables the same learning experience that you get online with ease of access, anytime, anywhere and in all formats.

  • Progress Tracking: Keep a record of the progress made in any course online or on the mobile app and resume from where you left off.
  • Continuous improvement: Knowledge area-wise analyses of exam results with justifications for each question helps you identify your areas of strengths and improvement.
  • Collaborate and Learn: Team members can discuss and share with each other and learn in a more efficient way

Key feature of Agile Master Certified Online

Access To Online Self Learning Module

Access to Online Self Learning Module

Time bound access to high-quality reading content consisting of Videos, Downloadable Pdfs, Excel sheets with 24/7 availability.

Rich Knowledge Content Made Available

Rich Knowledge Content made available

Rich Knowledge Content made available. Get 20 downloadable content, reading content, articles etc to enrich the knowledge on the subject.

Practice Exercises And Mock Test

Practice Exercises and mock test

Get access to online question bank of 10000 plus questions for practice and self assessment on different topics.

On Demand Doubt Clearance Sessions

On Demand Doubt Clearance Sessions

Get expert consultation on demand to clear doubts with topics if any.

Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment

With in-built real-time performance assessment and status information stay focussed on completion of the program on-time and with higher competence.

Access To Job Blog And Job Groups On Whatsapp

Access to Job Blog and Job Groups on Whatsapp

Get access to Job Blog and Job Groups on Whatsapp which can be helpful in case you are looking for a job change.