What’s the Starting Point for Improving Processes

What’s the Starting Point Improving Processes in any company is discussed from the author's viewpoint in this article. Steps are mentioned in detail.

What’s the Starting Point for Improving Processes

What’s the Starting Point for Improving Processes

In the recent past, I have received many queries from people around me with this question.

Starting Point for Improving Processes

And the simple answer to this Question is “STANDARDIZATION”

Yes, You must Standardize Your current processes before you can make any improvements to them.

Standardization provides the baseline for comparing the efforts made on improvement.

Imagine in the school or college there is no scoring system. For example, How will you compare whether you improved or not in the second year in relation to the first year. The percentage scored in the previous year provides us the baseline which serves as standard upon which we aspire to do better and improve.

Similarly, it applies to improve processes. Without Standardization, you cannot Improve.

There are methods available for standardization from basic to advanced.

To Start with, follow one or more of the following Simple Tips:-

– Start listing down the steps you follow in performing your daily work. This can be done either on paper or
in excel wherever you feel comfortable.
– Try plotting a simple flowchart of your process on a sheet of paper.
– Encourage your team members to document the steps they perform in their work

As you start listing the Steps or plotting the flowchart, you will start realizing the areas of improvement in your processes.