Understanding Correlation Test

Amit Vatsa

Jan 7, 17

Understanding Correlation Test

It help us to understand whether there is any relation between two variables


  • Null Hypothesis (Ho)- >=0.05 means variables are not related
  • Alternate Hypothesis (Ha)- <0.05 means variables are related to each other


Correlations: HT, Age


Pearson correlation of HT and Age = 0.016

P-Value = 0.703


  • P value 0.703 is greater than 0.05 it means there are no relation between HT & Age.


Correlations: Typing Speed, HT


Pearson correlation of Typing Speed and HT = -0.147

P-Value = 0.001


  • P value 0.001 is less than 0.05 it means we have relation between HT & Typing Speed.
  • To check positive or negative relation we have to check Pearson Correlation which is -0.147 it means we have negative relation


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