Records Part-1

Pranay Kumar

May 7, 16

In the time of ISO audit we need to check the documents as an evidence or a record of implementation, whether it is correct or not.

Records Part-1

This article is posted by Advance Innovation Group student intended to help students or depth understanding about quality management system.

There has to be specific reference in the Quality manual of the company the directions regarding the use of records which should state the rules to easily identify, store, retrieve, maintain, retain and dispose them. This rule is mandatory for companies opting for QS 9000 or Quality Management system.

For example, the list below in table shows the list of records to be maintained as stipulated in ISO 9001 Quality Management system.

List of records to be maintained in ISO 9000

Control of outsourced processes
Control of documents
Management reviews
Education training
Product realization processes & product requirements
Review of customer requirements and actions
Input requirements for D & D, reviews, verifications, validations & changes
Supplier evaluation
Validation processes & use of customer property
Calibration and verification of monitoring and measuring devices
Customer satisfaction level and actions
Non-conformity and actions
Corrective and preventive actions

While working on Quality Management system, Standards are maintained and up-dated as necessary

A distribution list is created while circulating the data which is managed in the master list. The distribution of work orders is based on the currently revised documents according to a distribution list. When a work order is complete it destroys the work order and associated documents.

This is done to;
To ensure that only the recent revision of documents are available to appropriate personnel.
To control those documents requiring changes are revised in a timely fashion and receive the required approvals.
To ensure that the Quality Manual and ISO 9000 procedures belongs to existing issue.
To define the techniques for establishing, approving, changing, maintaining, replacing, and distributing product documents pertaining to agency approvals.

The distribution list is managed by a team of writers who develop text exclusively for the company and distribution content to the general public. The distribution list for technical manuals should contain part numbers along with the revision level numbers to control the modifications.

ISO / QS 9000 or we can say Quality Management system defines that all data which includes the electronic storing of data to be protected. This includes databases containing contacts, problems, sales and complaints. All data should be examined before use otherwise you may inadvertently introduce errors into your work. The standard gives liberty to plan the degree of control appropriate to the consequences of failure.

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