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May 7, 16

There are different types of products and service purchased, these are includes that kind of procurement These are Row Materials, Facilities ect.


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Types of purchasing

There are different kinds of products and service purchased, but all these include that kind of procurement which adversely affects the quality of the end product. The types of purchasing are:

Raw materials:        – any raw material purchased by organization that is used to manufacture the product.
Components:           – these are parts/components purchased by the organization to manufacture the product.
Working tools: – These tools could be used to realize the product and hence there is a necessity to control them
Machinery / facilities: – The include apparatus, devices, facilities and machines that the organization acquires their product. They need to be controlled.
Contract labour for purchased services: – Any services that are particularly purchased during product development. For example, if you are manufacturing a kitchen cupboards factory and you hire contractors to install the kitchens in customer’s houses- the installation processes is called as a purchased service and the process needs to be controlled. Legal services are a type of purchased service.
Calibration and maintenance: – The control service refers to those services which the organization uses to control its processes. The calibration service could be a good example. If you take the example of a calibration, there are organizations that provide the same and these organizations come under the control service. If we consider the example of a catering service and if they send their sample food for testing, this is an example of Control service. Maintenance service refers to those kinds of service that the organization acquires to perform maintenance activities, which in turn is useful in the product development. Computer maintenance also falls in this category. For example, maintaining machines. Whenever external purchasers are called to service the same they need to be controlled.
Training service: – This service is one of the most important types since there is a direct an impact on the product quality.
Many of the services or products would not be part of the design and manufacture of your organization, but it the responsibility of your organization to ensure that such items are fit for their purpose especially when they are sold directly or as a part component.

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