Museum Story in France

Abhijeet Raj

May 8, 16

Museum Story in France to show the importance of ‘on the ground team’. On the Ground Teams as they are very close to the process, product and customers.

Museum Story in France

There was a museum in France. The painting contract was given to a famous and reputed paint company. The pain lasted only in 2 month. Everyone was surprised as the usual time for paint to last was over a year. Lot of meetings were done to find out the reason with top shots of paint industry. Nothing concrete happened. Finally everyone decided to paint it every 02 to 03 months. However, it was very costly. One day a top boss of paint company asked the sweeper about it. Their conversation is given below.
Boss: Can you tell the reason why we have to paint it every 2 months?
Sweeper: It is very simple. There are pigeons that create dirt and we need to clean it on almost every other day. This is the main reason why paint lasts only for 2 months.
Boss: Why do pigeons make dirt on the museum?
Sweeper: It is very simple. Pigeons need some insects to eat i.e. their food and place to live with security i.e. their nests. This is very easy for pigeons to make a secured nest here due to the design of our museum and get insects to eat. That is they have place to live and food to eat here that too with security.
Boss: Why do these pigeons have place to live and food to eat here.
Sweeper: Replied without taking even a minute that pigeons have insects to eat.
Boss: Why are there so many insects?
Sweeper: As there are many spiders. They also find it easy food and shelter. They make webs here and there are many ants (food for spiders).

Now Boss made arrangements for the removal of Pegions, spiders, insects, ants, web etc. And museum was painted. This time paint lasted for over 3 years.

Moral of the story is that Six Sigma needs to be taught to OGT (On the Ground Teams) as they are very close to the process, product and customers. They know the pulse and the pain (root cause) of the problem. In other words, never discourage ideas coming from anyone even if you think it is useless. The reason is if you get 10 useless ideas who knows that 01 of them will solve your problem.
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