Fishbone on Issue Resolution Time

Pranay Kumar

Dec 10, 16

This is a fishbone Issue Resolution Time for a Handling time Lean Six Sigma project which was undertaken in a BPO company

Fishbone on Issue Resolution Time

Please refer to the previous post on Handing Time Fishbone. While doing the project in Handling Time, Issue Resolution Time had come as a possible Factor (X). Now we have completed the 5 WHY Analysis and here is the fishbone on Issue Resolution Time.

  1. Fishbone on Issue Resolution Time Part-1


2. Fishbone on Issue Resolution Time Part-2


Resolution Time is a vital factor for Average Handling Time.  Resolution Time is the time, it takes to resolve a customer’s issue or answer their question. If any agent has taken too much time to give the perfect resolution then it will be a big issue for increasing handling time.

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