Fishbone on After Call Work

Pranay Kumar

Dec 10, 16

This is a fishbone that was done Lean Six Sigma Project on improvement of Handling time. After call work time was a key factor for improvement in HT

Fishbone on After Call Work

While doing a project on improvement of Handling Time, it was statistically proven that the time for After Call work was a key factor impacting the Project Y. Hence a detailed study was conducted to understand the root causes for the high ACW (after call work) in order to understand it well and build a robust improvement plan for the same.

Please refer to the previous post onĀ Handing Time Fishbone.


These (After Call Work) tasks that are performed by the agents after disconnecting the call with the customer. This work can include finishing forms or sending through information within the department. It is also referred to as ‘Wrap-up’ and ‘Post Call Processing’. If an agent takes extreme time to wrap-up a call then it will be a major impact on increasing the average handling time.



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