FMEA Throughout history, mankind has been set back by failures and its effects. Whether it has been the sinking of the Titanic or the Bhopal Gas Leak or the British Petroleum Gulf Oil Spill in the United States, the effects...[ read more ]

Various Steps in FMEA

Various Steps in FMEA Business is often affected by problems, issues and defects which lead to loss in both financial terms and credibility for the business organizations. Hence, companies analyze the potential risks that may affect it in future to...[ read more ]


DFMEA DFMEA is a very dynamic tool which can be used to evaluate potential risks for a product which does not even exists. Sounds impossible? No it’s actually not. What I mean here is about a product which is still...[ read more ]

Parameters for Hypothesis Testing

Parameters Hypothesis Testing In the Analyze stage of a Six Sigma DMAIC project, Hypothesis Testing is done to statistically validate if our alternate assumption is correct or null hypothesis is correct. Alternate hypothesis involves statistically validating if there is difference...[ read more ]