Why AAM AADMI is a Victim of Corruption? – Part 2

Abhijeet Raj

May 8, 16

5 Why Analysis to understand why AAM AADMI is a Victim of Corruption. By using 5 Why analyze this will be more easy to identify the factors for improvement.



with corruption everyone pays

In our previous post ‘Why AAM AADMI is a Victim of Corruption? – Part 1′ we tried to analyse the root cause of Corruption. We arrived at two major cause which lead to Corruption.

1. Income is not raising
2. Cost of Living is Increasing

In this post we will further try to analyse the root cause of these two problems…
Cost of living is increasingIncome not raising













Conclusion:- People are making their best efforts in their jobs but they don’t know their efforts are creating value or not. Most of the time they are making efforts in producing something which is not needed by the end user. Efforts made for producing something which whether needed by the end user or not leads to increase in cost to the company be it any producer.
In such situations companies only have options to recover the cost from buyer which leads to INCREASE IN COST OF LIVING or CUTTING ON COST OF OPERATIONS which includes employees income. Due to both these factors AAM AADMI gets pressurized. Due to pressure from both sides. People are bound to be involved in Corruption.
The clear solution to reduce cost of living and corruption is to identify Waste and reduce it.
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