Congratulations to Vikram on his new job

Pranay Kumar

Jan 16, 17

Congratulations to Vikram Singh for his new assignment with HomeCredit as SR. Mgr Process Excellence.


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3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Vikram on his new job”

  1. Project: IT Asset Management Standardization.

    Problems Statement:
    Lack of Global Practice & Support among department, Missing communication involving lack of proper use of different instrument made available for Asset Management. Lack of Integration between Finance & Asset Repository causing incorrect asset depreciation. Increased operation cost when asset request not fully removed from Data Center.

  2. Project: Cost Reduction on Hardware Technical Support
    Renewal Cost of Hardware Technical Support of OEM Suppliers has increased from 3% (target) to 7.22%. Simultaneously the cost of 3rd Party Suppliers has also increased at an average of 2.3%. The increased cost of OEM Supplier has negatively impacted the Annual Budget and increasing % of 3rd party vendors has increased the possibility of levying reinstatement charges/other fees by OEM suppliers.

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