Sales Management System

Sales Management System

Sales Management including the Sales Administration process is one of the most important business processes for any organization and often is a key determinant of organization’s success.

Through our numerous years of Consulting several large and small firms, we have had our share of experience in understanding the challenges associated with Sales and the subsequent Sales administration processes.

What are the benefits associated with automating the Sales Processes?

  • Helps reduce human dependence
  • In built marketing automation infrastructure helps the sales user reduce NVAs thus reducing effort and thus cost associated with Sales
  • Automation helps reduce inaccuracies in the process – which in case of Sales Business processes can be of high impact.
  • Automated analytics helps businesses understand the gaps and helps make improvement plans.

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Why use AIG Sales CRM?

  • Manage entire sales life cycle with considerable ease. Right from Prospect addition to post sales closure hand-off processes, all have been built in a customizable form in the system.
  • Robust internal and external communication methods including emails, notification and SMS has been inbuilt into the system which is customizable to roles and people helping build communication protocals which suit your need.
  • Product this provided could be white-labelled or co-branded to suit your need.
  • Responsive design of the CRM makes it compatible to using it on mobile phone tablets and more
  • Intelligent notifications and reports help the sales person manage his work more efficiently.