We @AIG Technologies work at problem solving for customers through the use of technology !!
As an organization Advance Innovation Group is a proven name in the consulting space having helped large MNCs and small firms through wide range of problems. We have proven expertise in implementation of ISO Standards and Lean Six Sigma Consulting.

We advocate leveraging technology in aiding and improving process performance. Such leverage would benefit any business process, right from sales processes, to customer management processes to project management processes to internal task tracking processes. All business processes can benefit from technology with improved accuracy, better transparency, increased profitability, information security concerns handling etc. One can lean business processes through technology leverage.

Why should one look at automation?

  • Automating business processes shall always result in increased process velocity and accuracy.
  • Automation allows the business process to concentrate on their core competence while the transnational accuracy etc can be handled by the system itself
  • Automation shall yield repeatable results this making processes more repeatable and dependable
  • Automation can help reduce and in many cases eradicate the Information Security Challenges
  • Automation reduces human dependence which is an integral component of success for organizations

One can leverage from our independently developed tools and get them customized to suit the organizational needs. Below is the list of the tools that we have made and deployed at several customer businesses. Due to re-usability, the same shall be very economically priced.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Different Modules in the CRM “The Wind” like we call this enables a smooth fluid uninterrupted flow of business processes. Extension & add-ins available?

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Project Management System (PMS)

Project Management System or PMS has been created and modified by Advance Innovation Group after years of experience into Project Management

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Elearning Management System

Learning Management Systems (LMS) or Online Learning System are the order of the day.Organizational success today is driven by competence of people..

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Human Resource Management System

HRMS or Human Resources Mgmt System is a key constituent of automation of organizational business processes that have large bearing..

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Exam Management System

Exam Management is a cumbersome and difficult this to manage through a manual process and often manual processes can take away

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NPS Survey Tool

Net Promoter is a customer loyalty metrics developed and registered by trademark of Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company. This concept was introduced in 2003 by Reichheld

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Sales Management System

Sales Management including the Sales Administration process is one of the most important business process for any organization and often

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