Lean Consulting

Lean Consulting

Lean Consulting @AIG
AIG was established with the aim of providing Lean six sigma & Quality Management system related consulting and training solutions. Over the years we have been able to carve our own niche in six sigma and quality domain and have had many successful stories across the globe.

Our skills lies in our ability to understand your business needs (and anticipate them) and partnering in devising a solution that is tailor made for your specific need and not some framework based solution. We at AIG give utmost importance to understand your business vision and goals and ensuring that the solution we provide is in line with your growth journey.

One of the key strengths of AIG lies in the skills and experience of our key personnel. Each of our consultants have average of 10 plus years of industry experience of providing best in the class solutions and establishing great relationship of trust and win-win with our customers.

Our consultants, have extensive functional industry experience from IT, ITES, manufacturing, banking, manufacturing etc. This most often gives an edge and also assists in passing lessons learnt from one Industry to another.

Our Lean Consulting body of work can be summarized as below :

  • 5S Implementation Consulting – AIG has worked with large and small organizations from varied domains to help them implement and reap benefits from 5S Consulting. Several organizations have benefited with our 5S models.
  • Lean Diagnostic Study – AIG has conducted Lean Diagnostic Study in accordance with the specific needs of it’s clients and subsequently generated reports which have helped the customer attend to short term and long term goals. These diagnostic reports could be used as first step for Lean implementation.
    • Study involves assessment of Muda, Mura, Muri existant in business processes.
    • Lean Diagnostics could be preparation for VSM implementation.
  • VSM Implementation – The experienced consultants at AIG have carried out VSM Implementation across various sectors of the industry.
  • Muda Reduction – AIG has provided it’s clients various Muda reduction i.e. waste reduction solutions.

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