Lead Auditor ISO 9001

Lead Auditor ISO 9001:2015

The Lead Auditor’s Program enjoys a PECB certification. This program is not only recognized internationally but also is also regarded to be one of the most elite training programs developed for Professionals. This program focuses on teaching the basic skills required to audit or manage a quality management system in an Organization.

Course Objectives

The primary aim of this comprehensive program is to brush-up the basic principles of the ISO 9001:2015 Standards, and to enable the practitioners to strategize & conduct the third party external audits. More specifically, this training program aims at providing at par knowledge and technical skills required to become a skilled and competent Lead Auditor.

Course Features

QMS Lead Auditor Key Features

 Who should attend?

  • Those who are looking for gaining an in-depth knowledge on the QMS Auditing Process
  • Those who are often required to run and maintain an internal QMS Audit within their Company / Organization.
  • Those who wish to become a certified QMS Lead Auditor, and excel this field.
  • Those who are often required to implement a QMS audit based on ISO 9001:2015 requirements, in the organization
  • Certified QMS internal auditors, who wish to enhance and polish their skills of auditing.

Course Contents

This program, has been designed to cover all the major aspects of the QMS Auditing process, and offers an insight on the following modules:

  • Introduction and a gist of the modules of the program
  • Certification Program to become a qualified QMS Auditor/Lead Auditor
  • In-depth knowledge of Quality Management Principles including information on process approach & continual improvement
  • Overview, Concept and the basic requirements of ISO 9001:2015
  • An insight on the QMS Auditing, Auditing principles
  • Knowledge on preparing an Audit Plan, and strategies to be implemented while applying the same.
  • Tools & Techniques required to conduct Audits successfully & effectively
  • Meetings and Seminars to discuss, the practical implications and advantages of this program
  • Regular evaluation of the Audit Process
  • Exhaustive sessions, covering various aspects of practical implementation of this program
  • Recording & reporting about the Non Conformities
  • Managing Audit Reports
  • Taking the necessary corrective actions required
  • Follow ups on Audits
  • Regular assessment of performance and rigorous exercises
  • Feedback and role play interactive sessions
  • Practical Assessment and Examination
  • A quick re-cap of the complete module


All the participants of this program will be awarded a PECB certificate.

Program Duration

This program, extends to a duration of 5 days, which include both the training as well as the assessment sessions.

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