Internal Auditor ISO 13053

Internal Auditor ISO 13053:2011

IA ISO 13053:2011 The Internal Auditor Certification Program on ISO 13053 offered by us has primarily been formulated to develop the expertise and skills to manage and audit Information Security Management Systems, most efficaciously. Being a specialized training course, this program holds not only international recognition, but is also PECB certified.

Course Features:

Being a Course pounded with technical aspects, we have strived to make this program most interactive for practitioners. While this program includes a number of interactive training sessions, ranging from classes for resolving the queries to sessions, where the participants can share their practical or Industrial experience with their peers, special emphasis has also been given to the learning aspect of each module. More specifically, this course includes a series of engaging sessions, aiming at enhancing the skills of the participants

Who should Attend?

This course is most useful for those:

  • Who wish to attain an in-depth knowledge of the DMAIC auditing process/methodology.
  • Who are often required to manage the internal DMAIC audit within their Company or Organization.
  • We strive to become a recognized and certified DMAIC Internal Auditor.
  • Who wish to excel the art of installing robust Quantitative methods in Process Improvement, at various Organizations etc.

Course Content:

Being a specialized training and certification program, this course primarily focuses on covering all the major aspects of DMAIC Auditor training, right from giving an over view about the importance of information security to maintaining and managing an DMAIC Audit team at an Organization.

More specifically, the InternalAuditor ISO 13053 Program includes:

– An Introduction Program, and a quick go through regarding –

What is DMAIC?

Information about the relevant standers that are required to be maintained such as ISO/13053-2

  • Details about DMAIC
  • The importance of DMAIC
  • Selecting proper Tools and Techniques
  • Framing a robust DMAIC Framework

Further, apart from the above this program also includes training on interviewing skills, preparing audit reports, and a hands-on practical session conducted though exercise and examination.


All the successful candidates, who are able to participate in the program, will be awarded with PECB Certificate, at the end of this comprehensive program.


This program, extends to a period of 5 Days.

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