Human Resource Management System

Human Resources Management System

HRMS or Human Resources Management System is a key constituent of automation of organizational business processes that have a large bearing on employee morale.

HRMS can bring in transparency in employee payroll processes, serve a document repository for all employee-related docs like his previous employment records etc.

Why use HRMS

HRMS is one of the most critical IT Solutions that companies shall need. It helps bring in a defined standards in the employee management processes which shall form an important milestone in employee enrichment and will definitely result in boosting employee morale and performance.

This HRMS can help manage payroll, attendance, recruitment processes, internal training management etc.

Features in AIG HRMS

Attendance Management –

Attendance Mgmt module in the AIG HRMS has some basic sub- modules to manage the entire attendance life cycle viz.

  • Time History
  • Time Change Request
  • Attendance Report

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Payroll Management

  • Salary Templates (both monthly and hourly formats are available)
  • Salary Management
  • Employee Salary List Management
  • Make Payment
  • Generate Payslip
  • Payroll Summary

Recruitment Management

  • Job Posted
  • Job Application

Performance Management

  • Indicator Mgmt
  • Give Appraisal Process
  • Performance Report

Provident Fund Management

Stock Management

  • Stock Category Creation
  • Manage Stock
  • Assign Stock
  • Stock Report

Training Management

Employee Award Management

Leave Management

  • Leave Application
  • Leave Balance Mgmt

Advance Salary Management

Holiday Management

Chat Option

User Management

  • Add user
  • Add roles
  • Assign departments


Human Resources Management System